Lady Bamford Foundation

The Lady Bamford Foundation, a section 8 company was instituted in 2017 to support artisan communities, preserve craft traditions and enhance sustainable craft practices. The foundation has been achieving its vision by running skill development trainings and design interventions, supporting production, facilitating market linkages, establishing vocational & technical education centres, undertaking activities to protect national heritage, art and culture and setting up art centres, public art libraries, research projects and publications. 

The Lady Bamford Foundation carries out its activities via rural development, empowering women, reducing inequalities faced by economically backward groups and artisans, promoting gender equality programs, and working on preventive healthcare and sanitation within the communities it works with.  The foundation also works with likeminded NGOs across remote parts of India, building on the local farm-to-textile economies of rural communities, contributing to more balanced and flourishing communities.

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