With growing health and hygiene concerns in India, JCB brings you an ideal attachment, JCB Sanitisation Master. Disinfect your surrounding areas in a better way and make every space a safe place.

Primarily used to disinfect large areas across residential and commercial properties, the JCB Sanitisation Master has the right features for the new normal.

  • Two tanks of 1 000L each, for reduced refill time and increase efficiency
  • Electrically operated switch to spray and sanitize from a safe distance
  • Greater reach of 10 metre* ensuring wider surface cover in less time
  • High pressure spray for thorough disinfection for maximum safety
  • Three Nozzles to cover the complete spectrum, all around the machine

* Spray range depends upon the direction and the velocity of the wind.

Suitable for: Backhoe Loader


No. of Tanks
Nozzle Reach
10 Metres
Total Tank Capacity