BHL Quick Hitch

  • Provides greater safety and less effort for the operator to quicker changeover of buckets and attachments.
  • Durable design, with harden steel jaws that minimises wear.
  • Mechanically operated with spring loaded lock, released by use of a tommy bar.
  • The safety lock pin prevents accidental loss of bucket or attachment.
  • Easier to change from one attachment to another in less than one minute.
  • Provides extended life to pivot pins since no hammering action required during change of attachments.
  • Manual quick hitch also available on JS 81


Suitable for: 3DX, 3DX Xtra, 3DX Super, 4DX, JS81

  • Quarry - Changeover of buckets to breaker
  • Road construction - Changeover of buckets to buckets and other attachments


95 kg

Technical Parameters

Weight 95 kg


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