Crusher Bucket

  • 0.60 cum capacity with weight of 2465 kgs Crusher bucket is cost effective solution for turning demolition rubble and site waste into useable material, eliminating hauling and disposal costs.
  • Powered by the 20/21 tonne excavator and travelling with the excavator, the crusher bucket eliminates the need to transport, hire or purchase and maintain separate mobile crushing equipment.
  • Adjustable jaw gap of 20-120 mm , crushes a wide range of sizes and types of material, including brick, concrete and rock. Even material with reinforcing bar can be crushed, so the steel can be recovered for scrap. This feature not available with other mobile crushers.
  • Capability to handle soft rock of 315 mm and 225 mm of hard rock.
  • Heavy duty fly wheel storage energy makes optimum use of machine’s hydraulic power and generates a sustained crushing action for highest productivity.
  • Heavy duty construction, well developed design, JCB crusher buckets have been developed and proven over the last 7 years.


Suitable for: JS200, JS210LC, JS205LC, JCB220LC Xtra