Clam Shell

Used for placing objects high. In the construction industry, to move bulk material from one point to another, transporting materials from stock piles to conveyors, myriad of material - heavy loads of lumber, scrap metals and rocks.

  • 1.2 cu.m clam shell is made of two sides that open and close like the shell of a clam. Technically two buckets are held together with the hinge.
  • 360 degree continuous rotation with full articulation.
  • The traditional clam shell bucket is often used for digging even below ground level.
  • Special features that make them great for digging underwater.
  • High raised cabin option available for better visibility.


Suitable for: JS200, JS210LC, JS205LC, JCB220LC Xtra

  • Solid waste management-unloading
  • Railways - Material unloading from box type wagon
  • Paper mills - Unloading timber from high body trucks and trailers
  • Ports - Unloading


0.8 & 1.2 cu.m
1800 kgs approx

Technical Parameters

Capacity 0.8 & 1.2 cu.m
Max allowable density 3000 kgs/m3
Weight 1800 kgs approx


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