Hammer Master 980 HD


  • Increased Cross sectional area of Chisel Pins / Retaining pins for enhanced life and low operating cost.
  • Robust casing with Higher Operating weight of 900 Kg and HARDOX steel at bottom is an added advantage to the life of HM 980HD.
  • Anti Blank firing and higher Impact Energy of 2518 Joules helps Breaker to yield higher output at worksites.
  • Compact Auto Grease system supplied as standard feature. Makes it easy for operator to eliminate wastage and contamination of MOLUB alloy grease.
  • Internal Control valve helps to reduce Hydraulic oil temperature, avoids contamination and increases system efficiency by 15%
  • Bigger tool diameter helps to transverse impact energy to the hard rock more efficiently.


10~15 Tonne
900 Kg
2518 J

Technical Parameters

Operational Weight (Kg) 900 Kg
Oil Flow (lpm) 80~100
Carrier Relief Pressure (bar) <210>
Maximum Return Line Pressure (bar) 10
Impact Rate(bpm) 450-520 bpm
Impact energy (Joules) 2518 Joules
Tool Diameter (mm) 105 mm
Carrier Weight (Tonne) 10~15 tonne
Accessories 1# Moil & 1# Chisel, Gas Charging Kit
Quarry-Secondary Breaking Y
Pipe & Cable laying-Trenching Y
Road & Realty Sector - Foundation work & Demolition Y
Foundation work Y
Applicable Machines JS120

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