Hammer Master 380


  • Highest Impact energy of 981 Joules is highest amongst 6-8 tonne class of Breakers and makes it unique to break hard rocks at quarries
  • Standard ANTI BLANK FIRING feature avoids any damage to the internal parts and carrier structure.
  • Robust casing design helps for narrow trenching and protects the power cell for any damages.
  • Higher Operating weight helps the stress wave to transverse to the ground more effectively and efficiently.
  • Quick Release Coupling helps to reduce changeover interval, eliminates Hydraulic oil wastage and it is easier to assemble and disassemble the Hydraulic hoses.
  • Fully folding capability of Breaker during transportation avoid any damages to Machine Structure


Impact Energy
981 J
Operating Weight
410 Kg
Impact Rate
450~750 bpm

Technical Parameters

Operational Weight (Kg) 410 Kg
Height (mm) 1639
Operating Pressure (bar) 100~140
Oil Flow (lpm) 60~65
Carrier Relief Pressure (bar) 175
Maximum Return Line Pressure (bar) 10
Impact Rate(bpm) 450-750 bpm
Impact energy (Joules) 981 Joules
Tool Diameter (mm) 75 mm
Carrier Weight (Tonne) 4.5~8 tonne
Accumulator Charging Pressure 40~50 bar
Accessories 1# Moil & 1# Chisel, Gas Charging Kit
Quarry-Secondary Breaking Y
Pipe & Cable laying-Trenching Y
Road & Realty Sector - Foundation work & Demolition Y
Applicable Machines 3DX,3DX Super, 3DX Xtra,4DX, JS80, JS81

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