Hammer Master 280


  • It is a blank firing breaker, suitable for secondary breaking.
  • Internal control valve system keeps hydraulic system cool and increases efficiency up to 15%*.
  • Uniform piston design at top and bottom to transfer full energy to tool.
  • Cushioned damper to prevent repercussion to carrier.
  • Patented powercell holding system.
  • High tensile bottom bush for better life (HRC- 57).
  • Maximum impact energy of 550 joules, more power, per stroke.


260 Kg
Impact rate
600 bmp
Total Diameter
70 mm

Technical Parameters

Parameters Unit HM280
Operating Weight (Including Tool & Hanger) kg 260
Height mm 1614
Operating Pressure bar 130-140
Oil Flow (Lt.Per Minute) lpm 50
Carrier Relief Pressure bar 175
Maximum Return Line Pressure bar 10
Impact Rate (Blow Per Minute) bpm 600
Tool Diameter mm 70
Wear Limit of Chisel & Front Cover mm 5
Accumulator Charging Pressure bar 45
Head Cap N2 Pressure bar 10-14
Suitable For Machines 3DX & Variants

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