Hammer Master 1180


  • Highest Operating Weight of 1150 kg amongst 11-14 tonne Class of breakers makes HM 1180 more productive and Robust
  • Standard ANTI BLANK FIRING feature avoids any damage to the internal parts and carrier structure.
  • Higher Impact rate (bpm) of HM 1180 helps to achieve higher productivity.
  • Larger size of retaining pins reduces operating and maintenance cost.
  • Compact Auto Grease system is supplied as a standard feature makes it easy for operator to eliminate wastage and contamination of MOLUB Grease.
  • Stroke adjuster maximises output in various application


Operating Weight
1150 Kg
Impact Energy
3665 J
Oil flow
100~150 lmp

Technical Parameters

Operational Weight (Kg) 1150 Kg
Oil Flow (lpm) 110~150
Carrier Relief Pressure (bar) 210
Maximum Return Line Pressure (bar) 10
Impact Rate(bpm) 440-460 bpm
Impact energy (Joules) 3665 Joules
Tool Diameter (mm) 115 mm
Carrier Weight (Tonne) 12~18 tonne
Accumulator 54~59
Accessories 1# Moil & 1# Chisel, Gas Charging Kit
Quarry-Secondary Breaking Y
Pipe & Cable laying-Trenching Y
Road & Realty Sector - Foundation work & Demolition Y
Smelter- Steel waste breaking N
Foundation work Y
Applicable Machines JS140

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