Carriage Mountain Fork

  • Most suitable for palletized goods at construction sites or in plants to keep goods in healthy condition.
  • Carriage mounted forks comprises of forged steel forks mounted directly on carriage.
  • Working load capacity of 1 016 kgs.
  • Self-leveling mechanism keeps the forks horizontal.
  • Gap of the forks is adjustable to accommodate different sizes of loads.
  • Pallatisation helps to shift load faster and better housekeeping.
  • Also available as an option on 6 in 1 bucket as bucket mounted fork.


Suitable for: 3DX, 3DX Super, 3DX Xtra, 4DX

  • Constructions sites
  • Industry
  • Realty sector


Fork length
1.071 m
Lift capacity
1 016 kgs
326 kgs

Technical Parameters

Lift capacity 1 016 kgs
Fork length 1.071 m
Weight 326 kgs
Width 1.5 m (Top Member)


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