• Heavy duty structure of sugar cane grab to faces stresse during grabbing and clamping operation.
  • Especially designed for sugar cane handling to increase productivity as efficiency is essential during the harvest season of sugar cane.
  • Tough, rugged design and ideal for handling large, bulky loads and crop stalks. It can also be used for maize and even bamboo.
  • Large capacity of handling material in every pass reduces fuel cost, cutting down on wear and tear and overall maintenance of machine.
  • Sugar cane grab helps to enhances both durability and serviceability.
  • Maintenance access to all components of attachment is achieved with ease.
  • Tool carrier mount for easy and faster changeover of attachments.


Suitable for: 530-70, 530-110

  • Sugarcane industry
  • Bamboo industry


830 mm
1800 mm
538 kgs

Technical Parameters

Width 830 mm
Height 1800 mm
Weight 538 kgs


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