Excavator Attachment Ditch Cleaning Bucket

  • Drainage holes on ditch maintenance buckets allow water to escape, giving a better fill factor
  • Primarily used for cleaning ditches, drainage canals etc.
  • Drainage holes to reduce weight/density during operation.

Wide and shallow design removes ditch sediment quickly. Ensures minimum time wastage on the job.

  • 02 cum Ditch Cleaning bucket is specially designed for Ditch Cleaning operation.
  • 125 mm X 100 mm holes to clean ditches , Canals and drainages effectively.
  • Optimum weight of bucket helps to increase overall fuel efficiency of Excavator.
  • Due to its special profile material retention is nil which increase the productivity.

Replaceable BHN 400 Hardness  Toe Plate  increases service life.


Suitable for: JS205/JS220 Excavator

  • Solid Waste Management - Clear Watery Waste
  • Municipality - Clearing muddy drain/ clearing sewerage
  • Lake cleaning


1.02 cum - 1.4 cum

Technical Parameters

Capacity 1.02 cum - 1.4 cum


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