Raising the competition to a new level, the JCB 3DX 4 Wheel Drive now comes attached with a New High Dump Bucket that offers a better reach than any Backhoe Loader available. With an increase in the dump height to 4 metre, this Backhoe Loader makes loading materials in high body trucks relatively easy and quick. Thus, increasing the outcome and reducing the loading time. 

Running on a 4x4 drive mechanism this JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader is one of the most productive and fuel-efficient options in construction, mining and sand loading. Besides, the improved Backhoe Loader also offers the convenience of being updated about the machine’s performance with its advanced telematics technology. So, with an increased dump height, 4x4 productivity, and extended range of features, always look for a better way of loading with JCB 3DX 4WD with a New High Dump Bucket.


  • 25%* More Traction Control
  • 4.0 Metre Dump Height
  • 6%* Lesser Cycle Time
  • 11%* More Bucket Filling Factor
  • All-terrain Capability

*T&C Apply. Tested in standard conditions against JCB 3DX Standard under controlled environment.


1550 kgf
Standard Shovel
1 cum
Dump Height
4 Metre

Better Connectivity

With JCB Livelink, an advanced telematics technology to stay updated about your machine’s performance from anywhere 

Enhanced Productivity

4-wheel transmission to provide high traction forces and increased dump height for increased output in less time 

Greater Versatility

Be it construction, agriculture, waste handling or landscaping, JCB Backhoe Loaders are your go to machine always

Low Maintenance Cost

Being highest in output and one of the lowest in fuel consumption, the Backhoe Loaders offer great savings on maintenance cost