JCB unloading rake with 5.3m long frame & 1.12m(4) wide straight plate is best suited for unloading of loose material such as scrap, soil, wood chips, agriculturale and building waste.

  • Unloading rake is suitable to drag out material from side closed truck,trolley and ISO 6.096 m( 20 ) and 12.192 m ( 40 ) containers. The rake is approximately 5.3 m long and when mounted on 530-110 is capable of removing almost all the contents of a 12.192m (40) container with ease.
  • High yield steel blade and rolled leading edge resulting in low weight,highly durable units with optimum performance.
  • Bolt-on type front plate provides an option to use alternative blades which may be fabricated loaclly and fitted to better suit special applications.
  • Smooth rounded surface prevents material retention and spillage.
  • Available in both 4m and 5.3m long frame.
  • Tool carrier mount for versatility, rapid changeover and increases production time.


Suitable for: 530-70, 530-110

  • Unloading side closed trucks
  • Scrap & waste handling


1.522 m
0.9 m
569 kg

Technical Parameters

Width 1.522 m
Height 0.9 m
Weight 569 kg


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