Telehandler MAN PLATFORM

  • Man platform transform a tele handler into an Aerial Work Platform (AWP)
  • by lifting workers, tools and materials to height safely and quickly.
  • Inclinometer provided in the cab to give the longitudinal angle.
  • Safety restraints, tie down bar standard on all man platforms.
  • Safe & reliable attachment to be used in projects and process industries for maintenance jobs at height.
  • Safety is ensured by providing opening of gate inside and closing of gate automatically.
  • Capable to safely carry 2 persons with 400 kg of material.
  • Tool carrier mount for versatility, rapid changeover and increases production time.


Suitable for: 530-70, 530-110

  • High rise building
  • Industry
  • Maintenance jobs at height


1.300 m
2.500 m
380 kg

Technical Parameters

Height 1.3 m
Width 2.5 m
Weight 380 kg


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