The JCB Hydradig 110W is the first wheeled excavator and tool carrier designed for purpose and without compromise.

JCB is the first to move the engine, tanks and ancillaries to the chassis, making the JCB Hydradig 110W first for visibility, stability, maneuverability, mobility and serviceability.

At the heart of the Hydradig 110W is JCB innovation; its features and their benefits will transform the way you and the whole industry works.

  • Maximum Operating Weight 25,258 lb 11,457 kg
  • Maximum Bucket Capacity 0.4 yd3 0.31 m3
  • Maximum Engine Power 109 hp 81 kW
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In a cramped world with restricted operating conditions, the JCB CommandPlus cab with a large glass area and command controls make it easier and safer to work.

  • Tactile rotary controller provides precise intuitive control for the all new 7" colour display.
  • A JCB EcoMAX engine mounted in chassis, creating a lower centre of gravity which provides greater roading comfort and operator confidence.
  • A heater is standard with climate control is available as an option.


Four-wheel steer, two-wheel steer and crab steer as standard make operating easy in even the most confined urban sites, allowing you to work safely in tighter confines than ever before.

Best-in-class turning circle of under 13ft lets you work comfortably within a single carriageway.
Reverse steer option lets you change the back of the machine to the front when working in a single lane.
A reduced tailswing of just 5 inches allows you to work close to walls and a Kingpost means you can dig parallel without compromise to stability.


In a world where time is money, a top speed of 25mph (40kph) and stepless transmission from a 109hp (81kw) ECOMAX engine lets you travel to and between sites quicker and in comfort.

  • 3 mobility modes, highway mode, site mode and creep mode, allows the Hydradig to adapt to any task.
  • Auto-idle as standard reduces revs when the machine is idling to save fuel.
  • A new start-stop button has been implemented to further enhance the operators 'get in and go' mobility.

    JCB Hydradig 110W was designed with ground-level access to all daily check points and the fuel filler, eliminating the need to climb onto the upper structure.

    • 500 hour greasing on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser grese points give maximum uptime.
    • The 109hp (81kw) JCB EcoMAX engine requires no after treatment, keeping servicing costs and downtime to a minimum.


    On urban worksites, safety is rapidly becoming the number one priority.

    • Best-in-class over the side stability when digging, lifting or slinging, compared to conventional tailswing competitors.
    • 50/50 weight distribution between the axles also significantly reduces nod and pitch whilst roading.
    • Engine and double skinned tanks are mounted on all steel chassis which creates a lowered centre of gravity.


    In a world where one machine is expected to do the work of many, having the right attachments and more importantly the ability to utilise them is crucial.

    • All genuine JCB attachments are pre-loaded into attachments menu interface with just 3 clicks to set up.
    • Closed loop hydro-static transmission features separate pumps for traction and boom power, making it easy to multi-function.
    • Bi-directional pipework lines as standard with two additional lo-flow circuits available as options to power a variety of attachments.


    In today's world where space is at a premium, compact dimensions and all-round visibility have become increasingly important.

    • All-round visibility with the ability to see all four wheels plus a 1m perimeter around the machine at round level.
    • With the engine and other components housed in the chassis, the counterweight has been radically reduced.
    • Low-level glass and optional LED work lights means the Hydradig is easier to operate in tight, crowded work sites, day and night.

    Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Advantages

    JCB currently holds Sourcewell contract #040319-JCB. For qualifying governmental and not-for-profit agencies, this allows for a simplified process when purchasing a JCB machine. For more information, please contact Ryan Connelly at ryan.connelly@jcb.com or visit https://www.sourcewell-mn.gov/cooperative-purchasing/040319-jcb.

    Most Popular Configuration

    Application, timber
    • Triple articulating boom (TAB)
    • Rear parallel dozer
    • Solideal/Camso 9.00x20 dual wheels
    • 6-foot 7-inch dipper
    • High-flow proportional hydraulics 
    • Two low-flow proportional hydraulic circuits
    • Case drain
    • 25 mph transmission
    • CommandPlus cab with heat and A/C
    • JCB Smoothride System (SRS)
    • Hand-held tool circuit
    • Quick coupler pipework
    • Rotating amber strobe beacon
    • Heated and air suspension seat
    • Radio, USB, 3.5 mm jack and 12 V socket
    • LED work lights
    • Wheel fenders
    • Clevis towing hitch
    • Reverse steer
    • Reversing fan
    • Tool kit
    • Block heater
    • Hose burst check valves
    • Hydraulic coupler
    • 24-inch HD bucket

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