The JCB 510-55TC is a full-sized telehandler designed for productive use from the start until the end of your project; it is equally well suited for placing materials using forks or digging into dirt and aggregate piles with a bucket.

The four-section boom is designed for extra strength with the exclusive JCB U-shape boom design and more than 20 inches of section overlap. Key hole castings help to dissipate forces on the boom while using a bucket.

  • Brand new Stage IIIB/Tier 4i EcoMAX engine
  • High power and torque at low revs
  • Up to 10% fuel saving over outgoing model
  • New instruments, hi-res TFT screen and backlit switches
  • New seat safety switch disables forward/reverse when operator isn’t seated
  • New telematics and immobilizer security features including remote management

Most Popular Configuration

510-55TC image
  • 4-stage boom
  • Canopy with right and rear glass
  • Single-lever joystick
  • 17.5x25 pneumatic industrial tires
  • 109 hp JCB EcoMax engine – no DPF
  • Frame sway: 9 degrees R/L
  • Q-Fit manual coupler, single auxiliary
  • Fabric suspension seat with 3-inch seat belt
  • Front and rear work lights
  • Magnetic rotating beacon
  • Engine block heater
  • Face-level fan
  • 66-inch Q-Fit carriage with 2x5x60” pallet forks
  • LiveLink telematics


Maximum Engine Power
109 hp

81 kW

Maximum Lift Capacity
10,000 lbs

4,535 kg

Maximum Lift Height
55 ft 9 in

16.7 m


JCB’s EcoMAX motor produces high levels of power and torque at engine speeds as low as 1400-1600 RPM for fuel efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics.

With no required exhaust aftertreatment, the JCB EcoMAX engine does away with the need for heat-resistant lube oils or Adblue. Additionally, the EcoMAX engine can be adapted to run on lower-grade fuels, so your 510-55TC telehandler can be resold different territories for increased resale value.

Resale values are further enhanced by huge global demand, legendary JCB productivity and superb JCB build quality.


Hose burst check valves on the rams prevent collapse if a hose fails.

The JCB Adaptive Load Control system is automatically activated to maintain longitudinal stability.

The JCB 510-55TC is equipped with side and rear mirrors for all-round visibility. Safety is further enhanced by a standard-fit reverse alarm.

For quick, easy and safe access, the JCB 510-55TC has a three-point access.

After hours, the machine is secured by the JCB LiveLink telematics vehicle tracker and an optional immobilizer.


With a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles, the 510-55TC telehandler is extremely maneuverable for more efficient travel time around the work site.

JCB’s new efficient EcoMAX T4 engine produces power and torque at low engine speeds for great responsiveness.

The 510-55TC is equipped with 4WD as standard for improved traction and performance even in soft, muddy areas.