Aside from its impressive 8,800 lb lift capacity and massive reach capabilities, the JCB 509-45TC telescopic handler is designed specifically to maximize safety.

It's not just safety at which the 509-45TC excels; it delivers unrivaled productivity, efficiency and serviceability too.



The JCB telescopic handler range’s stringent testing program has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles.

  • Fitted with a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates.
  • For extra strength, the number of joints and stress points have been reduced across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.


The boom on the JCB 509-45TC sits low in the chassis for superior visibility all around the machine.

  • Optional camera systems are available for additional visibility around the telehandler
  • An optional pulse radar alerts the operator as the rear of the machine approaches an object.


The cab is one of the largest on the market and boasts the most effective noise reduction in its class, but with excellent air flow, ventilation and demisting.

  • Air conditioning is available.
  • The telehandler features a fully adjustable steering column and optional suspension seat.
  • The exterior top door slam latch allows the upper door to be closed from outside.
  • The standard-fit tinted cab glass reflects 30 percent of the sun’s energy for enhanced operator comfort.

Most Popular Configuration

509 23
  • 3-stage boom
  • Canopy with right and rear glass
  • Single-lever joystick
  • 15.5x25 pneumatic industrial tires
  • 109 hp JCB EcoMax engine – no DPF
  • Frame sway: 9 degrees R/L
  • Q-Fit manual coupler, single auxiliary port
  • Vinyl suspension seat with 3-inch seat belt
  • Front and rear work lights
  • Magnetic rotating beacon
  • 2WD/4WD/crab (all wheel) steering
  • Engine block heater
  • Face-level fan
  • 66-inch Q-Fit carriage with 2x5x60” pallet forks
  • LiveLink telematics