The industry leading 508-66TC Loadall offers incredible reach of 66 feet and a maximum capacity of 8,500 lb, making this machine a highly efficient alternative to a roto or mobile crane.

Chain extension, combined with the durability of a single chassis JCB design and the 74 hp EcoMAX engine, provides unparalleled efficiency on the job site.



A clever 5-piece boom design uses chains to extend or retract all the sections proportionally in one fast, smooth movement.

  • Class-leading JCB hydraulics produce the fastest cycle times, ensuring the most efficient lifting, extending and pushing.
  • The JCB 508-66TC telehandler boasts excellent maneuverability and fast travel times across site, courtesy of a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles.
  • Multi-function single lever servo control provides fast and accurate load placement. Controlling your 508-66TC Loadall’s direction is easy too, with just a flick of a switch.


There’s no machine that works harder on site – with unique safety features, the 508-66TC is designed to protect both operator and bystanders.

  • Low boom profile and pivot point enable industry-leading visibility all around the machine from the operator's position.
  • A standard reverse alarm, and optional camera and pulse radar systems, ensure a safer work site for everyone.
  • Factory-fit immobilizers are activated by a unique key or optional push-button PIN system, to automatically arm the system after a certain period following engine shutdown.


The 508-66TC is designed to provide you with maximum uptime. Our machines are as tough as possible, using top quality components and innovative manufacturing processes.

  • JCB’s regenerative hydraulics make the most of gravitational forces, to make boom lowering more energy efficient and productive.
  • 66-foot lift height allows this telescopic handler to reach the sixth floor of a building, offering comparable capability to a mobile crane.
  • For added versatility, all JCB telescopic handlers are equipped with a single boom auxiliary feature to power a wide range of attachments. 

Most Popular Configuration

508-66 Telehandler 11/12/19
  • 5-stage boom
  • Cab with heat and A/C
  • Single-lever joystick
  • 14x24 pneumatic industrial tires
  • 74 hp JCB EcoMax engine – no DPF, DEF or aftertreatment
  • Frame sway: 9 degrees R/L
  • Q-Fit manual coupler, single auxiliary
  • Fabric suspension seat with 2-inch seat belt
  • Front and rear work lights
  • Magnetic rotating beacon
  • Face-level fan
  • Integral side-shift carriage with 2x4x48” pallet forks
  • LiveLink telematics