9T-1 Site Dumper

The largest in the range of JCB site dumpers, the JCB 9T-1 is a powerful and productive machine designed to move large volumes of material and is built tough to handle the most demanding applications.

The JCB 9T-1 site dumper features JCB’s 4-speed, permanent 4-wheel drive Powershuttle transmission, for easy operation.

The JCB 9T-1 is equipped with a range of features to boost safety, serviceability, ease-of-use and operator comfort.

  • Turbocharged, Tier 4-Final compliant, JCB EcoMAX 74 hp (55 kW) engine that requires no aftertreatment
  • Front camera to expand the visibility from the operator’s position
  • JCB Powershuttle 4-speed, permanent 4-wheel drive transmission
  • Superior build quality and best-in-class bucket strength
  • Optional JCB SiTESAFE™ cab to enhance operator comfort and safety
  • Ergonomic and safe to operate


Gross Engine Power
74 hp
55 kW
19,842 lb
9,000 kg
Max Bucket Capacity
5.9 yd3
4.53 m3


JCB site dumpers are exceptionally rugged and durable, built ready to tackle any project on the work site.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes, such as robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques, ensure exceptional build quality.

Precision machining techniques ensure high tolerances and accurate location of JCB 9T-1 dumper pins and bushes.

JCB site dumpers undergo finite element analysis and rig testing to ensure superior structural strength and durability. For further peace of mind, cold cell testing guarantees starting performance down to 5 F (-15° C).

A heavy-duty, damage-resistant articulated chassis and bucket ensure that JCB site dumpers can take a beating. The chassis articulates and oscillates to mitigate stresses on unimproved terrain, for enhanced longevity.

Class-leading bucket strength courtesy of thick steel side walls and heavy-duty steel front and base plates.


The optional JCB SiTESAFE™ cab with heater and AC protects the operator and boost operator comfort and productivity.

Two-door lock-back and ajar stays, for ventilation and effective communication. Perfectly matched JCB drivetrain ensuring smooth gear change, balanced weight distribution ensuring superior traveling performance.

Effortless access/egress through well-positioned steps and grab handles. Flexible and optional Hi-Viz yellow painted steps and handles are also available.


The JCB EcoMAX engine requires no aftertreatment, to reduce operating costs and simply maintenance procedures.

A tilting seat base and engine canopy provide easy, ground-level access to all service points.The JCB SiTESAFE™ cab is also detachable to further aid servicing and transportation.

The flat, clean bucket design enables effective material discharge and easy cleaning.


Folding ROPS/FOPS level II is standard. A folding ROPS frame is optional and may be suitable, subject to site and risk assessment. (Note: JCB recommends Folding ROPS/FOPS level II).

Additional protection and comfort available with the optional innovative JCB SiTESAFE cab. Optional JCB SiTESAFE cab is designed to withstand a front dump impact and side slewing impact from a 29,000 lb (13,000 kg) excavator.

Site safety is aided by a sequenced, two-stage drive inhibit system that requires the operator to be properly seated, with the lap belt engaged, before the machine will move. Additionally, an initial-movement alarm alerts pedestrians of the dumpers imminent movement.

A speedometer ensures compliance with site speed restrictions.

High performance, oil-immersed disc brakes on both axles provide excellent stopping power in all conditions.

Optional safety features include a green LED seat belt indicator beacon, white noise reverse alarm, and high-visibility painted steps and grab rails.


The JCB EcoMAX engine is compliant with Tier 4-Final regulations and requires no aftertreatment.

The engine is water-cooled and includes an array of state-of-the-art features to maximize power, torque and economy.

An all-JCB drivetrain maximizes performance through a tailored design solution.

Tapered, simple bucket geometry ensures smooth material ejection when tipping.

Wheel-to-ground contact is maximized via large oscillation angles for superb traction.