Military Wheel Loader

The JCB Military Wheel Loader is a flexible tool carrier with a range of attachments and configurations to match any application.

The versatile HT loader arm configuration has a widely spaced four-ram geometry for excellent visibility and high bucket torque throughout the working range.

The high torque, turbocharged diesel engine can operate on JP8 fuel, and is paired to a 25 mph automatic transmission with traction control. Smart hydraulic systems provide power, performance and efficiency, while an oscillating rear axle and wet disc brakes keep the machine stable and safe.

  • HT (High Torque) loader arm for great visibility and performance
  • Traction control
  • Oscillating rear axle and wet disc brakes
  • 40 kph top speed
  • Huge options list to tailor to specific applications


The JCB Military Wheel Loader is designed for productivity, boasting high levels of operator comfort, ergonomics and durability, as well as a wide range of optional equipment to tailor its performance to meet specific customer requirements.

We use field-proven components and technologies to manufacture the JCB Military Wheel Loader resulting in strong, reliable performance and minimum downtime.

The cab is fully air-conditioned, comfortable and ergonomically designed, with 24-volt systems and seat-mounted excavator controls. The Military Wheel Loader can be waterproofed up to a 5 ft. wading depth, can be winterized to -40° and is available in a variety of specialty paint finishes. Convoy and blackout lighting is available, with lifting points, tie-down points and reduced height cabs for ease of transport.

Extra options

Electrical and climatic protection for specific environments

Additional storage options for specialty equipment (Rifles etc.)

Non-standard tire inflation systems
Additional guards