High Mobility Fastrac

The JCB High Mobility Fastrac (HMF) is a flexible universal logistics machine. It can haul over 24 tons at 55mph, with over 1 ton of ancillary equipment (fuel or water tanks, pallets, ULCs etc.) on the rear deck.

Designed to work effectively with a wide range of attachments including backhoes, cranes and blades, the HMF’s versatility and high speed make it ideal for tasks like clearing snow from runways and parking lots.

It has full suspension, with balanced 50-50 weight distribution and ABS brakes for controlled and safe travel, allowing it to tow sensitive loads like munitions or aircraft. 4-wheel drive with a differential lock provides excellent off-road performance.

  • 24 tonne+ payload at top speed
  • Rear deck can carry over 1 tonne of ancillary equipment
  • Fully-welded Z-section chassis
  • Perfect 50:50 weight distribution
  • Huge options list to tailor to specific applications


The JCB HMF is designed for productivity, boasting high levels of operator comfort, ergonomics and durability, as well as a wide range of options for customizing the unit to meet specific application or performance standards.

JCB uses field-proven components and technologies in its HMF resulting in strong, reliable performance. A fully welded Z-section chassis prevents driveline stresses without increasing the unit’s weight.

The cab is fully air-conditioned, comfortable and ergonomically designed. It has 24-volt systems. The HMF can be waterproofed to a 6' 6 " wading depth, can have winterization to -40° and is available in a variety of specialty paint finishes. Convoy and blackout lighting is available, with lifting points, tie-down points and reduced height cabs for ease of transport.

Extra options

Electrical and climatic protection for specific environments

Additional storage options for specialty equipment (Rifles etc.)

Non-standard tire inflation systems
Additional guards