High Mobility Engineer Excavator

The JCB High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE) was originally engineered and built for the US Army and NATO aligned forces. Since its roll out, it has proven itself across a multitude of uses during operations around the world. Fast and mobile, the HMEE provides high levels of protection as well as performance.

It offers full crew protection, compliant with STANAG blast and ballistic standards. Its 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steer systems along with a diff lock deliver exceptional off-road performance. Full suspension and ABS brakes provide controlled and safe travel, while the high torque, turbocharged diesel engine can run on military fuels like JP8 and F34 with minimal engine degradation.

The cab is fully air-conditioned, comfortable and ergonomically designed for low operator fatigue and maximum productivity.

  • STANAG blast and ballistics compliance for full crew protection
  • Full suspension and ABS brakes
  • Air conditioned comfortable cab
  • 4WD and 4-wheel steer
  • 3 configuration options with different levels of protection


The HMEE comes in  in 3 configurations:

1: CAB – A-KIT
Basic machine with fixings for appliqué armor.

2: CAB – B-KIT
Fully protected machine with appliqué armor and ballistic glazing.

3: CAB – TES
Enhanced fully protected machine with appliqué armor, ballistic glazing, a blast mitigating belly plate, internal spall liner, blast attenuating seat, bar armor, roof hatch, foot plate, provision for electronic communications and counter measures, as well as Night and Thermal Imaging systems.

 Additional configurable options are available to increase blast and ballistic protection levels to meet specific customer requirements.