The JCB A45EH Electric Hybrid Access Platform.

The A45EH Access Platform runs on a JCB Diesel by Kohler engine as well as chargeable batteries for an enormous standalone run time of up to a full week. Improving performance, increasing productivity – and all while reducing emissions. With extra capacity in the platform, increasing from 250kg to 300kg, the JCB A45EH is ideal for use in remote locations where power is not as accessible.

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The 4x4 Hybrid Articulated Boom Access Platform is capable of running for a full week independently, meaning it can be operated seamlessly even in remote locations.

  • Handles more with a 300kg (660lbs) unrestricted platform safe working load.
  • Provides greater control in the most enclosed spaces.
  • Platform height of 45'3, in line with industry standard.
  • Touch screen base display, function speed control, and platform controlled.


With a JCB Diesel by Kohler engine and chargeable batteries, the A45EH Electric Hybrid Access Platform produces less emissions with all the benefits of a proven engine, with a JCB warranty, and parts commonality.

  • Resilient paint protection, rigid canopy structure and solid cast counterweight for a prolonged lifespan.
  • Ground up JCB design for greater symmetry with existing JCB products.
  • Providing strength and stability to counterweight loads within the platform.


With all engine service points accessible with the canopy open on a single side of the engine, this model has excellent access to machine service points for quick and easy maintenance.

  • Ability to monitor machine performance, ensuring efficient use. 
  • Improved access for full servicing.
  • Triple entry bar on basket, enabling user to enter and exit with ease. 
  • Intuitive controls, with safety warning alarm and fault LEDs.
  • Regenerative breaking recovers energy from the wheel drives to recharge the batteries.


With the Hybrid A45EH, monitoring is easy with on screen diagnostics, external mounted hose and harness routing, and the latest telematics technology with JCB LiveLink.

  • Quick and easy overview of all machine systems with on screen diagnostics.
  • Monitor and manage your fleet remotely anywhere in the world.
  • With a BOSCH control system there’s no need to re-train engineers.
  • Hydraulic hoses and electrical harness routed on the exterior of the boom structure.


With a secondary guarding system, puncture proof tyres, finger trap protection, emergency override system, and slew lock, the JCB A45EH prioritises operators’ safety.

  • Overhead crush hazard protection at all times.
  • Safe operation on gradients with both oscillating axle and tilt sensor.
  • Load monitoring sensors ensure basket loads remain within the safety margins.

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