Introducing the T65D

Higher standards from JCB’s first diesel telescopic boom

Reach higher standards with the T65D JCB Boom: our very first diesel telescopic boom lift. A new contender in 65ft platforms, this telescopic boom is powered by the award-winning JCB 444 EcoMax 74hp engine and boasts a 1000lbs basket capacity to lift even more. It’s a next-gen model, designed to give you the power, efficiency, and durability you need from a telescopic boom lift.

T65D Application Images - Savannah Dec 2023

The T65D diesel telescopic has been designed to outperform the competition in all the key areas – giving you altogether higher standards.

Meet the Telescopic T65D JCB Boom Lift

Higher standards of performance

Power and productivity are the first things you demand from a telescopic boom – and the T65D delivers. As well as the increased basket capacity, function speed control and enhanced versatility in the range of motion, give you optimum boom lift, control and extension.

  • Function speeds can be fine-tuned by adjusting the engine speed, giving operators maximum control of positioning even in enclosed spaces.
  • The versatile range of motion adds platform height and extends outreach when required.
  • Platform-safe working loads of 1000lbs for an 80% working envelope and 661lbs for a 20% working envelope.

Higher standards of reliability

The T65D’s ground-up JCB design is backed by a pioneering heritage in construction, giving you a boom lift with greater strength, power and all-round reliability.

  • The solid cast counterweight provides the strength and stability to balance loads within the basket.
  • Unique JCB-embossed branding is designed for high-level stability to withstand impact and damage.
  • Trustworthy IP67-rated wiring and a rigorously tested structure verified by strain gauge and FEA analysis.

Higher standards of efficiency

This diesel boom is powered by an award-winning engine famous for its low fuel usage. Combine this cost effectiveness with remote machine monitoring and advanced hydraulics, and you get a lot more from your machine.

  • Fitted with JCB’s Ecomax 444 74hp engine, renowned for its high torque, low revs and efficient fuel usage that saves you money.
  • The JCB Livelink in-house telematics system allows you to monitor the T65D’s performance from anywhere in the world – providing visibility for ultimate efficiency.
  • Hydraulic filters with clogging indicators raise the alert early, and the very latest sectional main valve blocks enhance precision in machine control.

Higher standards of comfort

With features including intuitive controls and personal charging point, the T65D boom lift puts the operator first in a comfortable, fatigue-free environment.

  • Safety warning alarm and fault LEDS are fitted for the operator at the platform – basket controls that put comfort and safety first.
  • A 7-inch touchscreen base display and 5-inch platform display show live machine data, load management, diagnostics and settings so operators are always aware of the machine’s status.
  • Oscillating steering axle as standard, enhanced joystick ergonomics and function speed control all add to the experience for the operator.

Higher standards of safety

Every JCB machine puts safety first – but this brand-new telescopic diesel boom lift takes it one step further. Enhanced features are fitted as standard to protect the operator at all times, and a host of improvements add extra peace of mind.

  • The secondary guarding system defends against overhead crush hazards, using a simple pull lever reset operation that cannot be easily overridden or prematurely triggered.
  • Load sense percentage, battery level and fuel level are clearly displayed on the colour screen for more informed operation.
  • Rough terrain tires enhance grip and stability. Hose burst check valves ensure hydraulic safety. Slew lock included as standard to ensure secure transportation.

Higher standards of service

JCB brings new levels of serviceability with extensive onscreen diagnostics and a vast global network of dealers and distribution centres – all on top of our signature customer service.

  • Next-level diagnostics allow users to monitor the input and output signals to help diagnose any faults – and if a fail occurs, it’s instantly highlighted via the onscreen fault code system. This means there’s no need to connect a laptop for basic fault finding.
  • JCB Livelink monitors all machines and automatically schedules servicing as soon as required.
  • When servicing and checks are needed, external mounted hose and harness routing allows for easier access.

Even more than a diesel telescopic boom

JCB is renowned for world-leading support services – giving you more than just your machine. Livelink provides access to everything you need to keep track of machine health, including telematics and data integration. So whether you’re operating a single diesel telescopic boom, or adding this machine to an entire fleet, you’ll have instant access to all those vital statistics.

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    Get maximum control with JCB LiveLink

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