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APEX case study photo

Darryl Nasief has been building brick and block walls and pathways throughout Jefferson County, Kentucky, since 1985. As the owner of Apex Industrial Maintenance, Nasief and his 10 staff install new commercial masonry and repair damaged masonry for insurance restoration companies.

In 2008, Nasief began his search for a skid steer loader for site clean-up, digging, excavating for concrete flatwork and moving materials around the jobsite. He eventually purchased a used JCB Robot 170 model, with 100 engine hours, from Boone JCB in Bardstown, Kentucky. Nasief was attracted by the side-entry door on the JCB machine after hearing about operators getting injured while using conventional, twin-armed skid steers, because of the need to climb over slippery attachments to access the front-entry door.

Nasief also liked that the single-arm Powerboom™ of the JCB machine would allow his operators to safely exit the machine with a hoisted load, to ensure the load is properly positioned. This, he knew, would not be possible with a conventional skid steer, as the raised load would block their exit.

The JCB Robot 170 skid steer turned out to be a great purchase and a true workhorse, requiring very little maintenance in the 10 years that followed. When it became apparent that Apex could use a second skid steer to keep up with additional projects, Nasief once again turned to Boone JCB. This time he purchased a larger JCB 330 skid steer, with the rated operating capacity to lift a whole pallet of blocks up to the second level of scaffolding. Additionally, its maneuverability allows Apex operators to easily drive inside commercial factories and small yards to install and repair masonry.

The service Nasief has received from Boone JCB has helped make him a JCB advocate. While his machines have not required any major repairs, Nasief occasionally calls the Boone team to ask questions about the features and options on his new JCB 330.

Now, Nasief has his eye on JCB’s newest skid steer innovation – the Teleskid. He feels that the Teleskid’s maneuverability and one-of-a-kind telescopic boom will be a great fit for Apex’s indoor factory jobs. Regardless of whether he eventually ends up with a Teleskid, one thing’s for sure – Nasief plans to continue running JCBs.