For highly effective cleaning on your job site. JCB offers a range of sweepers to further increase the versatility of your machines.

Discover the range below.

TM320 telescopic wheel loader (3:2)


Made of Domex Steel and fully galvanised, the JCB Bucket Brush range is designed for grain shovels from 1850 to 2450 mm.

Stronger, lighter, and more durable than ever, the JCB Bucket Brush stands upright when it's not in use and also has a quick-release bristle cartridge. The JCB bucket brush is a versatile tool which can be used to sweep a variety of materials such as mud, grain, slurry, aggregate and equine waste.

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JCB Angle Brooms provide clean up solutions for a variety of applications including street and parking lot maintenance, construction and industrial site clean-up and snow removal.

  • Suitable for Skid Steer loaders.
  • Manual or hydraulic angle adjustment allows 30º angle left or right.
  • 813mm diameter wire and poly brush construction provides long life.


The JCB Sweeper collector sweeps, collects and dumps to help maintain site cleaning and a better working environment.

Direct drive motors deliver excellent torque to maintain optimum performance and the large capacity bucket allows longer sweeping cycle. In cab operation of Sweeper and hopper emptying the unit helps maximises productivity.