The JCB range of Handheld Hydraulic Breakers is the best for demolition and breaking work. They will power their way through most jobs.

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Power pack Beaver And HM25 Breaker - Image 5


This light demolition and construction hammer is ideal for trenching, tunnelling and lateral work.

  • Vibro damped handle provides one of the lowest vibration levels of any equivalent breaker.


Medium-duty breaker for general demolition, concrete and asphalt breaking.

  • Sealed hydraulic system results in low noise (no exhaust port) and elimination of freezing problems.


This popular and powerful high output breaker is perfect for use with the JCB Beaver Powerpack.

  • Very robust cast steel construction for maximum strength and durability.


HM25LV breakers when used with HM25LV the Beaver Powerpack give the ultimate in terms of performance and ultra low hand arm vibration levels.

  • Unique JCB patented active hydraulic suspension dispenses of traditional springs and bushes to give single axis vibration of 1.6m/s².


This high output breaker is designed for working on reinforced concrete, heavy roadworks, asphalt and heavy duty applications.

  • High reliability and long service life – only two moving parts and constant lubrication by hydraulic oil.


This small lightweight hammer is designed for light-to-medium duty breaking.

  • Weighing only 15kg, the T-pick it is one of JCB's lightest models.