JCB Construction Materials

In the ever growing market of construction materials, the ability to supply on time and cost effectively is increasingly important. Operating from reduced size locations in urban locations, lost orders due to lack of stock can have negative results on profitability. Failing to load and unload materials efficiently can hold back the growth of your business.

The JCB 530-70 and 530-110 are India’s first built in India Telescopic Handlers. Two machines designed to improve both your productivity and profitability, with placing heights of either 7 or 11 meters, on site stock levels can be increased by more than 50 %, guaranteeing your ability to meet your customers demand. Using the JCB unloading rake, arriving material can be unloaded quickly bringing greater efficiency to your business.

The JCB Quick Hitch is fitted as standard on the JCB telescopic handler, allowing your operator to quickly change from unloading material to loading of trucks, hoppers or stockpiling with the standard general purpose shovel. A single machine capable of meeting your on-site needs and helping grow your business, the JCB Telescopic Handler is just what you need to effectively handle construction materials.

Models: 530-70, 530-110, 535-95, 535-125 HI-VIZ, 540-140 HI-VIZ, 540-170