JCB Telehandler, a reliable partner in ceramic industry

As development in India fuels the growth of the construction sector, the ceramic industry has shown growth too. With the increasing demand for industrial ceramic products, there’s an increasing pressure on the ceramic businesses to expand their operations and increase their productivity to grab the opportunity.

While the businesses surely need to focus on using better ceramic equipment for better output, they also need to focus on the material handling aspect of their operations. With the material handling expert like JCB on their side, they can easily enhance their productivity. JCB Telehandler is a versatile machine which can help ceramic businesses to increase efficiency at their plant and drive profitability.

JCB Telehandler comes with a big bucket, extendable arm and a host of attachments made for various use cases to handle any task at hand with ease. Whether it is loading and unloading of material, heaping better with the extendable arm or using the machine as a crane or as a forklift for the finished product, the JCB Telehandler is designed to increase productivity. 

Powered by Advanced Telematics Technology for remote management of the machine with access to operational data, health alerts and more, JCB Telehandlers are reliable machines that make your operations more efficient. Look for better productivity in the ceramic industry with JCB Telehandlers.

Models: 530-70, 530-110, 535-95, 535-125 HI-VIZ, 540-140 HI-VIZ, 540-170