Customer Testimonials

Since the launch of the JCB Dieselmax engine in 2005, it has been an amazing success story. Now with hundreds of thousands in service throughout the world in numerous and varied applications, they have built a formidable reputation for performance and reliability with both JCB machine equipment and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Engine Power Inc.

"We love the reliability and durability of the JCB engines. The structural design of the engine; the base engine itself, the crankshaft, it's all designed to be robust, provide high horsepower and great torque characteristics. We are confident selling this product in just about any application that our customers show us."  Brian Paulin


"Some of the reasons we chose the JCB engine was; the power, the compliance with EPA Tier 4 as well as the new Stage IV, the use of in cylinder treatment as oppose to after treatment technologies, and also the support and the history of the JCB Product."   Mik Ramos

Thompson Pump

"What we like about the JCB engine is its constant power curve and high torque capability which offers quiet running and exceptional fuel efficiency. We also really like the fact that the 74hp model meets EPA emissions standards without the need for any after-treatment – resulting in less maintenance, more uptime and flexibility for off-highway duty cycles."   Dale Conway

Cardiff Boat Tours

"JCB Power Systems were incredibly helpful with the way they altered the engine so that it had two alternators which works really well for us. For us, the really main, outstanding feature is the reliability, it really is an incredible piece of kit."  Danny Rees

Bucher Municipal- JCB Engine Application

Bucher Municipal

"We get great support from the team at JCB Power Systems. They work with us to develop a bespoke engine solution rather than just offer us a ‘fait accompli’ product. Their engineers really understand our business and offer their experience and knowledge to help us modify our own equipment."  Steve Douglas

Anderson Industrial Engines

"Most of the customers we talk too are aware are aware of the JCB brand mostly from the equipment side. However, they're pleased to know this is the same reliable engine that is running in the JCB equipment, and that the service and support network is the same for their engines as they get on the JCB equipment."  Zach Turner

Tucker's Machine and Steel Services Inc.

"I was interested in JCB because I saw that they were the only manufacturer who offered the engines without a diesel particulate filter. The JCB engine suits our machine well, and it has lots of torque to pull the hydraulic pumps very well even at lower RPM in a hostile environment."   Matt Tucker

Anaconda Equipment International Ltd

"JCB has managed to keep a very tight footprint on their product, which allows you to get in and service around the engine. The engines fuel efficiency is also the most important feature to us."  Alistair Forsyth


Mermaid Marine

"The JCB engine is gaining a strong reputation within the marine market. As well as being robust and reliable it is well suited to heavy duty commercial marine applications thanks to its high torque at low engine speed and its high capacity PTO drive fitted as standard."  Julian Osbourne