High Mobility Engineer Excavator

The JCB High Mobility Engineer Excavator has been designed, tested and developed using 70 years of knowledge and experience.

JCB are the Number One manufacturer of the Backhoe Loader in the World, with one out of every two sold a JCB. With exceptional cross-country mobility and a wading depth of 1 metre, there are over 850 in service worldwide.

  • Maximum Speed 88.5kph
  • Gross Rated Power 149kW
  • Maximum Dig Depth 3.94m


In an A-Kit configuration, JCB HMEE has a road speed of up to 60mph (96kph) which means there is no need for a low-loader in a convoy situation.

HMEE has the capability of being transported inside a C17 without any preparation. Without bar armour and ECM, the HMEE can also be transported in a C130, with the addition of a JCB designed twin rear axle attachment. HMEE can be deployed anywhere in the World and is able to utilise the JCB Global Dealer Network. Spare parts can be shipped anywhere in the world within 48 hours.


HMEE has been adapted to run on standard commercial diesel fuel and kerosene-based fuels such as JP8 and NATO F34. The cab is fully air-conditioned, comfortable and ergonomic for optimum operator comfort.


A-KIT. A standard unprotected machine.

B-KIT. An enhanced level of protection with applique and transparent armour.

C-KIT. Theatre Entry Standard. B-KIT with the addition of a blast mitigating belly plate, internal spall liner, blast attenuating seat, bar armour, roof hatch, foot plate, provisions for ECMs and situational awareness systems.


Maximum Speed
Gross Rated Power
Maximum Dig Depth