Unleash efficiency with the JCB 403E electric wheel loader

403E wheel loader

403E: Introducing JCB's first electric wheel loader

Part of the all-electric JCB E-TECH family, the JCB 403E wheel loader has arrived.  This model is first in its category - a greener, zero emissions machine that enhances productivity, cost efficiency and operator comfort.

With less noise, less maintenance, less vibration, less hassle, and less pollution, this innovative electric wheel loader has been developed to meet the needs of the agricultural sector. Combined with its compact size, the 403E is perfect for working indoors, underground or in other enclosed spaces.

On the farm, its power, productivity, and range of attachments means it can take on vital tasks including muck, bale and pallet handling and trailer loading. And the almost-silent motor means it's ideal to operate in noise sensitive areas.

Keep reading to discover more about the features and benefits of this brand-new electric loader model. 

JCB 403E electric wheel loader first drive

Discover what Simeon Turner, owner of Horrocks Farm, had to say on his first introduction to the new JCB 403E electric wheel loader. 

Designed to overcome common agricultural challenges

When it comes to agricultural machinery, farmers have been facing some specific challenges, such as:

Like everyone else, farmers have also been experiencing the rising fuel costs over the last few years. This may result in shortages and downtime, which in turn affect their profitability.
Farm equipment have environmental consequences through things like soil compaction, which reduces soil fertility and increases erosion risks. But not only this, the use of fuel-based machines inevitably produces high emissions of greenhouse gases which go on to damage the environment.
Commonly, farmers have found that old wheel loaders may struggle with things like overheating and leaking transmission fluid, making them unreliable to use.
A weak battery can be a real source of frustration with electric equipment. Consequently, the JCB E-TECH range has been designed to combat this issue so that you can minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

JCB 403E: The answer to your problems

With great power, no fumes and low noise, the JCB 403E has been specifically designed for agricultural applications. Plus, with a payload of over 778kg, a tipping load of 972kg with pallet forks, and a transport weight of 2,761kg, the JCB 403E provides excellent lift performance for such a small machine.

This puts the 403E within EU trailer towable standards, making it an ideal machine for landscape, municipal and rental customers. A heavy-duty counterweight is also available as an option, increasing the tipping load by 118kg and the transport weight by 121kg.

Carried over from the 403 diesel wheel loader model, the loader arms are available in standard and high-lift configurations. The standard lift arms deliver a pin height of 2.9m, while the high-lift model achieves a 3.1m pin height. Both loader arm set-ups come with a hydraulic quick hitch as standard, and the loader arms provide a true parallel lift capability.

Fast, flexible charging

In common with the JCB E-TECH range, the 403E JCB has a built-in charger that allows connection to a range of on-site power sources. A 230V industrial or domestic plug will charge the battery pack in just 8 hours, while a 110V socket fully charges the batteries in 12 hours.

JCB’s off-board rapid charger can also be used with the 403E, delivering a full charge from a three-phase supply in just 2 hours. Plus, the 403E 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack is the largest capacity in the class. 

The on-board charger, charge leads and associated plugs as standard mean you can simply plug your machine into the normal household grid or CEE socket when you need to charge the battery. When using the optional fast charger, just use a 3-phase supply. The 403E uses the same charging cables as the rest of the JCB E-TECH range, so you can use the same cables for the whole of your electric fleet. Additionally, the on-board battery charger enables flexible charging. 

Overall, this machine has a battery run time in excess of 4 hours. The interactive display provides a range of machine health information, and the rotary controller allows the operator to select various machine performance parameters. 


JCB 403E electric wheel loader: Key features

The JCB 403E can be used just like its diesel counterparts.
One for the driveline and one for the hydraulics. The drive motor offers 33.4kW of power and comes with three driving modes the operator can toggle between using two buttons on the top of the joystick.
The JCB 403E has a maximum 20kph drive speed for the most dynamic performance and productivity.
This mode is limited to 8kph for improved speed modulation, contributing to improved battery life with no compromise to lifting performance.
This mode has a 5kph maximum speed, that can be adjusted in 0.5kph increments through a new rotary controller and the multifunction display. This delivers precise speed control for precision driving and inching.
The operator can use the rotary controller to control this new display and set auxiliary hydraulic flow rates, including travel speeds and other settings within the display. The monitor also provides all critical machine operating data, including driving mode, state of battery charge and travel speed.

Less maintenance. More cost efficient.

With no engine and no storing of diesel, the new 403E has very little maintenance, making it extremely cost efficient.

The electrical components, batteries, and motors are all maintenance free. The lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance, resulting in less downtime on daily checks and less time and money spent on engine consumables. And JCB LiveLink as standard allows the user access to full machine telematics for no extra cost.

Overall, high quality core components provide a reliable and durable machine that comes with a 2-year warranty as standard, alongside batteries which come with a manufacturer 5-year warranty as standard.

A long legacy of sustainability innovation

Since we launched our own diesel engines in 2004, we've been aiming to make our engines as fuel-efficient as possible, while reducing harmful emissions.

We've been innovating ever since, leading the way with the world's first fully electric mini excavator with zero emissions. As a result, we became pioneers in electric innovation and developed a complete range of 100% electric machines - the JCB E-TECH range.

Buy the innovation didn't stop there. While battery-electric power works for compact machines, it is not practical for bigger models. So, we developed the industry's first hydrogen engine to do everything its diesel-powered equivalent can do, but without the carbon.

So, when it comes to electric machinery designed for the agricultural sector, you can trust JCB.