The HM120T contractor breaker is fully approved and tested for use on JS tracked excavators. The HM120T is available with two hanger options – top-mount and universal (without hanger bracket and hoses, for use on non-JCB machines).
  • Stroke adjusters allow the operator to adjust tool speed and stroke length
  • An auto-stop feature protects from blank firing, to prevent unnecessary wear and damage
  • 12-month warranty on moving parts, 3-year warranty on non-moving parts
  • Refillable, automatic greasing system to ensure maximum uptime
  • Moil point supplied as standard; full range of working tools available


Stroke adjusters fitted on HM049T through HM380T models allow the operator to adjust tool speed and stroke length.

Internal control valves deliver higher efficiency and are less vulnerable to damage.

Refillable auto-greasing system is available on HM080T through HM380T models, reduced maintenance.


For total peace of mind, JCB contractor breakers comes with a 3-year warranty on non-moving parts and 12-month warranty on moving/wear parts.


JCB contractor breakers are ready to work. HM012T through HM054T models are equipped with a moil point and chisel tool; HM080T through HM380T models are equipped with a moil point tool.

Side mounted hanger options available on HM049T models enable the attachment to tuck in close to the machine for hassle-free transportation.

A top mounted hanger option is available on all models in addition to a universal option without hanger bracket enabling it to be used on other brands of machinery.


All JCB contractor breakers are tested and proven for optimal performance when fitted to the machines for which they were designed.