Why Work at JCB?

JCB is a family-owned company that has enjoyed progressive success and expansion. The company began as one man building agricultural equipment into a global brand. JCB remains privately owned by the Bamford family and the present Chairman is Sir Anthony Bamford, the oldest son of Joseph Cyril Bamford CBE, the company founder.

Today, JCB has 22 plants on five continents manufacturing more than 300 products. Our success story is one that wouldn’t have happened had it not be for our employees.

JCB people are at the heart of our business, constantly driving the business forward and amazing us with incredible ideas that result in industry-leading innovations. Our founder, Joseph Cyril Bamford, always talked about a 'sense of urgency' and being 'never content'. JCB people have this 'can do' attitude and know that only the highest standards are acceptable. It's how they continue to play such a crucial role in our ongoing success.


If you are interested in applying, please send your resume to our careers support team at jcbnaresumes@jcb.com or call (912) 447-2000.

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We believe it's important to make sure that opportunities for personal challenge, development and, where possible, career progression allow JCB people to realize their full potential. So we provide access to learning, guidance and assistance to ensure employees are encouraged to increase their knowledge, skills and experience. This can include internal training programs, mentoring and coaching, and external training. We also offer support for professional development, such as certifications and provide employees access to an education assistance program to obtain further higher education.

At JCB we take our responsibilities for the health and well-being of our people, wherever they are in the world, quite seriously.

We have initiatives to improve the health and well-being of our employees, such as:

  • An onsite Physician’s Assistant available for all employees
  • Comprehensive insurance plans and coverage available to all employees and their dependents
  • No smoking policies in offices, and designated smoking areas outside the facility
  • Restaurant and catering facilities which provide a variety of general and healthy eating options
  •  Healthy lifestyle programs
  • Regular health screening programs

At JCB we have competitive compensation packages that include but are not limited to additional benefits such as: competitive base wages; 401K and company matching; vacation, holiday and personal leave and comprehensive relocation packages and assistance. JCB is an equal employment opportunities (EEO) employer in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws. JCB complies with applicable state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities.


Our mission is to grow our company by providing innovative, strong and high-performing products and solutions to meet our global customers' needs. We will support our world-class products by providing superior customer care. Our care extends to the environment and to the community. We want to help build a better future for our children, where hard work and dedication are given their just reward.

Like many other successful global companies, at JCB we never stand still and are continually looking for a better way of doing things to exceed our customers' expectations. The challenges of competing for business in global markets is changing all the time, so it is essential to our continued success that everyone who works at JCB has the same positive mindset that has enabled us to become the successful global company we are today.

There are four elements to this attitude:

  • A ‘can do’ philosophy
  • A sense of humility
  • A sense of urgency
  • An understanding of the phrase 'Jamais Content', which translated literally means 'never content'

The people who successfully gain employment at JCB are those who:

  • Demonstrate the four elements outlined in our shared values.
  • Have the ability to act as ambassadors for our brand and play a vital role in our future growth and success.
  • Have experience and talent in their chosen professional fields.
  • Demonstrate transferable skills.
  • Believe in challenging fixed ideas.

We also offer opportunities via apprenticeships, internships, co-op programs and management training programs.

JCB is the third largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world and has been in North America for 45+ years. In 2000, JCB built its North American headquarters and manufacturing center in Savannah, GA. From this location JCB supports over 125 dealers in the United States and Canada providing parts, training and expertise. In North America we also produce the world’s only single PowerBoom line of skid steers with exclusive side door entry and are proud to manufacture the High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE), a high speed fully armored backhoe loader currently used by the U.S. Army in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But we are 'never content' and are constantly pushing boundaries to take our company to new heights. It's this attitude that has led to us winning more than 70 major awards for engineering excellence, export, design, marketing, management and for our care for the environment.

Such drive and innovation makes JCB a dynamic and inspiring place to work, and we offer a diverse range of careers across the globe in areas including: manufacturing, engineering, finance, purchasing, commerce, management, marketing, logistics, business administration, IT and human resources. Our global reach also allows us to offer employees exciting opportunities to work in our international locations.