Breaker Tooling

A range of tools are available to ensure you get the best out of your breaker whatever the application. JCB tools are manufactured from high grade steel, minimising operating costs by providing maximum life.
  • Chisel - Standard tool for penetrative work eg mining, foundations, trenching, demolition
  • Moil - Universal- for layered rock and reinforced concrete where twisting could occur
  • Blunt - For impact breaking eg mining, breaking oversizes, demolition
  • Asphalt Cutter - Available in 4 sizes - 76mm, 115mm, 125mm, 127mm
  • Tarmac Cutter - Available in 2 sizes - 125mm, 178mm
  • Clay Spade - Available in 2 sizes - 139mm, 100mm
  • Rammer Pad and Stem - Available in 2 sizes - 125mm, 178mm