Join the leaders in electric innovation as we work towards a more sustainable future. JCB’s pioneering range of machines are 100% electric with zero emissions, zero compromise on performance and a lot less noise. No other construction equipment manufacturer has more expertise in building electric machines, today.

E-Tech Range

At JCB, we’ve always been focused on innovation in our work. We’re proud to have a long history of being at the forefront of advancements in our industry – and that’s no different when it comes to introducing electric technology into our product range. 

In response to the demands of climate change, leaders, governments and businesses have come together in pursuit of a Net Zero future – and we recognise the role we have to play in developing products fit for cleaner construction.

According to the Technology Strategy Board,

"the construction industry alone is responsible for 45% of the UK’s Co2 emissions."

That’s why, back in 2019, we officially announced the expansion of the JCB E-TECH range as part of our Road to Zero action plan on sustainability. 

Electric machinery is key to the future of our industry, so as part of our plan, we aim to offer 100% electric, zero-emissions machines to meet a range of application needs. This began with the launch of the JCB 19C-1E E-TECH mini excavator, which won prestigious awards from the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the Royal Automobile Club for its contribution to pollution control. And since then, the only way has been up for our E-TECH range. 

Read on to discover the pioneering range of machines available now – and hear about our plans for growing this range of electric construction vehicles in the future. 

100% electric. Zero emissions. Meet the JCB electric range that's transforming expectations across the industry.


Mini Excavator 19C-1E
The award-winning 19C-1E is the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator, delivering the same power as the diesel model, only with zero emissions and low noise levels – making it ideal for indoor and urban settings. Once charged, you can work anywhere, anytime, with enough power to last a full day. 

Site Dumper 1TE
Like the JCB electric digger, the 1TE is perfect for noise-sensitive environments, with zero emissions and zero compromise on performance. With 7kW continuous and 20kW peak power, the 1TE matches the power of a diesel 1 tonne dumper.
Telehandler 525-60E 
Work safely and efficiently on-site with adaptive load control to prevent tipping, with the addition of zero emissions, low noise levels, and many other innovative features. 

Powerpack Single & Three Phase
Our electric powerpacks are powering the future of electric in construction. Delivering maximum power in a compact package using Lithium-Ion technology, they’re the ideal solution for power in small spaces. 

Dumpster HTD-5E
Work safely and productively in both indoor and outdoor environments with the JCB electric dumpster. With just a 2-hour charge time, it’s ready to go – working in complete harmony with the E-TECH mini. 

Teletruk 30-19E & 35-22E
With a choice of two models, the JCB electric Teletruk telescopic forward reach range is designed to deliver maximum power when space is at a premium. Stay in control with Unique Load Motion Control, and enjoy greater versatility with forward reach, low height, and a small turning circle. 

Access Platforms
The JCB electric scissor range is pushing the boundaries of the industry. Each is certified to EN280 for CE conformance, with options for working both indoors and outdoors with complete precision. 

In creating our E-TECH range, we wanted to remove as many barriers as possible when it comes to switching to electric construction machinery over each machine's diesel counterpart. That's why we made sure our electric charging solutions were simple to use and delivered enough power to keep you productive in any environment.

Your JCB E-TECH machine has a charging option to suit your application, including single-phase and three-phase charging solutions, and fast charge options to get you ready to work even faster.

HTD-5E Dumpster Charging Solutions
75min charge time with a standard 230v lead
2hrs 45min charge time with 110V lead 
The HTD-5E is not compatible with the universal fast charger 

1T-2E Site Dumper Charging Solutions
2 hour 30 minutes charge time (20-80%)

19C-1E Mini Excavator Charging Solutions
2 Hour 30 Minutes charge time

525-60E Telehandler Charging Solutions
1 hour 50 minutes charge time

Teletruk 30-19E & 35-22E Charging Solutions
8 hour recharge (20-100%)
Not compatible with universal fast charger

Universal Fast Charger
Charge machines within as little as 2.5 hours
Compatible with all JCB’s 100% electric, zero emissions E-TECH range except the HTD-5E dumpster and Teletruk models, eliminating the need for multiple charging solutions

See how rapid charging works in action: 


Just as electric vehicles on our roads are becoming commonplace, the use of electric machinery in green construction and agriculture is also on the rise.

Businesses have welcomed this new electric era,  thanks in most part to the wealth of individual and wider environmental benefits these machines offer over their diesel counterparts. As the pressure of rising energy costs hits businesses in every sector, electric vehicles provide a more cost-effective alternative, without compromising on performance. And when it comes to environmental factors, the zero emissions that these electric machines emit makes them a no-brainer in the quest to meet sustainability goals.

However, we recognise that while battery power is an ideal solution in compact and urban environment, it isn’t always a suitable solution in other spaces, especially when it comes to replacing some mid-range and larger machines that require a lot more energy to perform a full shift. That’s why, as part of our wider Road to Zero initiative, we’re also looking at introducing other diesel alternatives within our range of machinery. 

Building a hydrogen future

In early 2021, we revealed our hydrogen combustion engine – the first hydrogen motor in our industry. By using and adapting engine technology, hydrogen is combusted to deliver power in the same way as a diesel engine – only with zero CO2 at point of use. In February 2023, the UK government approved the use of our first digger powered by a hydrogen combustion engine on UK roads. Our backhoe loader is the first of its kind, and marks an exciting new chapter in the journey towards helping decarbonise the global construction industry. 

From cars to construction sites, industry has a vital role in decarbonising our economy and creating green jobs and prosperity. JCB’s investment in greener equipment is a great example of how industry can make this happen, using alternative fuels to generate sustainable economic growth.

Jesse Norman, UK Technology and Decarbonisation Minister

It’s clear that both electric and other diesel alternatives are here to stay, and we’re committed to building even more solutions to help deliver net zero targets more quickly. Bold thinking, hard work and innovation is what the JCB name is built upon – and these advancements epitomise everything we stand for. 


The E-TECH range delivers the same high level of quality you've come to expect from all our JCB machinery, and will help you deliver peak performance in any environment. Check out the other benefits of going electric:

What are the benefits of using JCB's E-TECH range?


Because of our E-TECH range offers zero emissions of CO2, NOx and particulates at point of use, you're making a choice that will reduce your harmful emissions and lessen the environmental impact of your projects.

Plus, you'll be able to work in areas where air quality is sensitive, or more enclosed spaces.


With powerful Lithium-Ion technology, you can power a full day on a single charge - without compromising on performance.

And with our universal fast charger, you can charge machines within as little as 2.5 hours and stay up-to-date with even the most demanding workloads.


There are no engines in the JCB electric range, which means significantly reduced noise levels.

This makes these machines ideal for noise-sensitive environments, and you can also keep going after-hours when working to tight deadlines, without disrupting the area you're working in.


Lower operating costs, less servicing, and less maintenance make up significant cost reduction in choosing an E-TECH machine.

The batteries are maintenance-free, and require minimal daily checks and servicing. And with diesel prices rising, you can take advantage of the lower energy costs associated with choosing green machinery.


Gain the freedom to work anywhere, anytime with our E-TECH range.

Indoors or outdoors; in restricted zones or underground; you'll have the utmost versatility and be able to work without extraction equipment.


Due to the low noise levels, zero emissions, and lack of trailing wires, you can now work more safely onsite, even in the tightest of spaces.


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