JCB 550-80 AGRI

Модель JCB 550-80 Agri PLUS – это высокоэффективный телескопический погрузчик, оснащенный двигателем Dieselmax. Эта машина – самая мощная в нашей линейке, она была создана для достижения максимальной емкости и продуктивности.

Огромное усилие отрыва достигается за счет мощного двигателя и Z-образного механизма подъёма стрелы.

Быстрый поток масла позволяет сократить рабочий цикл, ускоряя опускание стрелы и ее втягивание. Для высокой универсальности, широкого использования и дополнительной инвестиционной стоимости мы предлагаем большой спектр навесного оборудования.

Разумеется, у телескопических погрузчиков JCB Agri Loadall высокая остаточная стоимость, поскольку они являются самыми популярными в мире и всегда востребованы.

Телескопический погрузчик JCB 550-80 Agri PLUS не только выполняет больший объем работы; он выполняет больше за меньшие деньги. Мы инвестировали в новые технологии и функции, чтобы снизить эксплуатационные расходы за счет снижения расхода топлива.


  • 140 l/min max hydraulic flow
  • Servo assisted joystick controls
  • 4.47m max reach with a 1000 kg load
  • 4.47m max forward reach
  • 7.45m placing height


Maximum Engine Power
145 hp


JCB’s EcoMAX T4 Final/Stage IV engine is offered here in two sizes. The 4.4 litre delivers 125hp (93kW) and a massive 550Nm torque at low engine speeds. For ultimate performance, there’s our new 145hp (108kW) 4.8 litre variant with 560Nm torque. 
4WD is standard, so good traction is assured on your AGRI Loadall. Optional 2WD is available at the flick of a switch too, minimising tyre wear and fuel use when roading. For ultimate traction, choose a limited slip differential (LSD). A selectable transmission dump on the foot brake allows superb multi-functioning and increased power during loading or rehandling with your telehandler. 
Additional to the single auxiliary service you can opt for twin auxiliary services. High Flow auxiliary is also available as an option for increased productivity of attachments without any primary power loss. 


Whichever engine your 550-80 AGRI Loadall is fitted with, you’ll benefit from a hydraulic variable speed cooling fan as standard. This automatically reacts to ambient temperature, adjusting the fan speed for maximum economy and reduced noise.
The engine can be remapped to run on lower grade fuels, which means your telescopic handler can be resold across many different territories, with a corresponding boost to residual values. 
EcoMAX produces its peak torque at engine speeds as low as 1500-1600 rpm for fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics.


All daily checks and grease points are easily located at ground level on these AGRI Loadalls; specify our optional central greasing system for even faster and easier serviceability. 
The bonnet opens and closes easily with gas-assisted cylinders, and the service bay is large and wide for good engine access. The battery is protected by a hinged bolt shut door, which nevertheless offers easy access to the battery itself. Filling both the telehandler’s diesel and AdBlue/DEF tanks is straightforward and can be done from ground level; there’s also an integral pre-filter in the filler neck to guard against contaminated fuel. Housed inside the DEF tank are DEF quality sensors. 
A dry lubricant system means wear pads are extremely durable, with service intervals of 500 hours. 


We’ve fitted a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates and large overlaps of over 1.0m. For extra strength, we’ve reduced the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.
Heavy-duty axle feet help an AGRI Loadall to absorb the immense stresses generated during continuous heavy material re-handling applications. Keyhole castings hold the tilt and extension rams to further improve overall structural integrity.
The bonnet is side-mounted and recessed to keep it out of harm’s way. Rear lights on this telehandler fold up and away from potential hazards on-site.