3DX Super

JCB invented the backhoe loader in 1953. Since then, we’ve remained the market leader, selling around half of all the world’s backhoe loaders thanks to pioneering features. The 3DX Super continues this great tradition, delivering class-leading productivity, comfort and fuel savings.

A JCB 3DX Super backhoe is one of the most versatile construction machines you can buy, combining the key benefits of both loading shovels and excavators. It’s designed to drive around sites, drive between sites, and then drive home at the end of the day.


  • DIESELMAX engine produces high power and torque at low revs
  • 3DX Super is stress-tested across 1.2 million cycles
  • Tried and tested JCB backhoe driveline
  • Huge bucket tearout and shovel breakout


Maximum Dig Depth
Shovel Capacity
Maximum Engine Power
68.6kW (92hp)


Because the JCB 3DX Super is used by customers all over the world, we’ve tested it rigorously in climates ranging from -20°C to 50°C. Its JCB DIESELMAX engine has excellent filtration and robust fuelling to handle varying fuel quality.

We’ve stress tested the new 3DX Super backhoe loader across 1.2 million cycles of the hardest digging and dump situations. As a result, every part of this JCB can perform the very toughest duties over thousands of hours.

To protect the 3DX Super backhoe from damage, we’ve fitted steel fenders, bonnet and nose.

The excavator end is heavily reinforced with thick steel, and there are replaceable wear plates on the bucket and dipper to protect this JCB backhoe loader from hard material like rock.

We test every 3DX Super cab for leaks so you can be sure of a dry, dust free backhoe cab even in the harshest environments.

The new JCB 3DX Super uses JCB’s own special backhoe loader driveline. This is a popular, trusted, well-proven unit that works in perfect harmony with our machines for ultimate uncompromised performance.


We understand that fuel is one of a backhoe loader’s biggest costs. That’s why we’ve designed the new 3DX Super to provide a combination of increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption, saving you money.

The 3DX Super’s JCB DIESELMAX engine and innovative hydraulic system combine to deliver 25% more work per litre of fuel than our outgoing backhoe model.

We’ve used only proven, reliable components on the new JCB 3DX Super backhoe loader to maximise uptime and ensure that your machine spends as much time as possible earning you money.

By extending service intervals for fluids and filters, we’ve brought down the cost of owning a backhoe loader even more.


The JCB 3DX Super backhoe’s loader arm mounting pivots are machined so they always align correctly. Meanwhile, our specially designed brass bushes provide a long wear-free life.

A full opening gas-assisted bonnet provides easy engine access on this backhoe loader, and you can open it up with just one lever.

Every daily check can be done at ground level from one side of backhoe loader.

To protect the engine and optimise performance on the new 3DX Super backhoe, we’ve fitted large pre-filters and a water separator; this setup helps keep contaminates out of the fuel system.

Large fuel tank inspection covers make cleaning simple.

You can fill the hydraulic and diesel tanks on this JCB backhoe easily at ground level.


JCB’s cutting edge DIESELMAX engine was introduced back in 2005. It was designed from scratch to produce superb performance and productivity, before being developed and produced in a state-of-the-art facility.

Utilising the ultimate in industrial engine technology, DIESELMAX is renowned for its reliability. No wonder, then, that it’s enjoyed great success, with tens of thousands of units in service around the world, carrying out many applications.

A D-shaped, durable, heavy-duty design means the 3DX Super backhoe’s loader arms don’t twist or flex. As a result, there’s a formidable shovel breakout of 6010kg/f, as well as excellent lift capacity.

4-ram parallel lift loader geometry means clear visibility, excellent load retention, superb dump height, long reach, and fast truck loading on this backhoe loader.

To make visibility even better, the new 3DX Super backhoe loader has a sloping bonnet line, which provides an unhindered view of the shovel for loading and site clearance.


We use a high pressure efficient hydraulic system with large hydraulic cylinders. This provides the 3DX Super backhoe loader with big tearout forces – perfect for hard ground and arduous digging.

With a 5700kg/f bucket tearout, the new 3DX Super is a supremely productive backhoe, even in the hardest applications.

The boom and dipper of this JCB backhoe are perfectly matched, meaning you can dig right up to the bottom of the boom.

A 128-litre fuel tank allows all-day working without refuelling.

The new 3DX Super’s adjustable wear pads provide a stable work platform and, therefore, smooth and precise backhoe digging performance.

The JCB 3DX Super backhoe loader has a narrow-profile boom and dipper for superb visibility when excavating.