JCB’s pioneering Powerpacks are the first in a range of energy storage solutions with zero emissions, zero noise, and no compromise on performance providing power wherever and whenever you need it.

Our Powerpacks provide a fully electric mobile power unit in single & three phase power outputs, with high capacity lithium-ion batteries. Charge JCB machinery in remote locations, use in conjunction with a diesel generator for hybrid applications, or in emission regulated areas where power sources are needed. Join the leaders in electric innovation and start operating the off-highway equipment of the future.

Powerpack sandon hall

Zero emissions

JCB’s clean technology Powerpacks produce no emissions at the point of use. So, you can utilise green energy sources for charging in a range of applications, in multiple locations.

  • Zero emissions of CO2, NOx, and Particulates from point of use. 
  • Optional solar input for clean recharging.
  • Works indoors and underground. 

Zero noise

With no engine, the JCB electric Powerpack offer near silent operation on site for noise sensitive applications and out of hours, around-the-clock operation, whether indoors, outdoors or underground.

  • Zero noise at point-of-use.
  • Ideal for overnight power.
  • Suitable for noise sensitive applications.


Our electric Powerpacks offer considerably lower operating costs and maximum uptime with state of the art inverters and automotive grade lithium-ion technology. With automatic starting and stopping of generators, and hybrid power generation capability, you can experience maximum efficiency.

  • No fluids, no filters, and no routine servicing.
  • Hybridise your generation for fuel and carbon savings. 
  • Solar panel connectivity.

Zero compromise

With JCB’s electric Powerpack range you can get maximum power in a small package. By using the most energy dense lithium-ion technology, our Powerpack mean you don’t have to compromise on energy output. So, you can continue to power your fleet, even in remote locations.

  • Use in multiple environments and applications, whatever the weather. 
  • Tested from -20°C to +40°C.
  • Compact footprint for easy, economical transportation and storage. 

Built to last

Designed to withstand the toughest applications, with a 100% all steel enclosure, our electric Powerpacks bring maximum power and durability to last a lifetime.

  • Integrated lifting points.
  • Tie down points.
  • Fork pockets.

Reliable, efficient, and high performance power

Providing power from 10-45 kVA, all our Powerpack boast the quality you'd expect from JCB. So that when you choose from JCB’s Powerpack range, you can deliver the power and confidence you need, wherever you operate.

  • Zero noise.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Zero Compromise. 
  • Hybrid fuel savings.