Put simply, uptime is the time when your machinery is available and operational.

Machine uptime management is an important factor for every machine owner because it enables you to rely on your equipment to work for longer without issue, meaning less downtime. Machine uptime software like JCB LiveLink brings you the visibility to do this.

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Machine uptime tracking not only helps you manage your machine’s health, it also allows you to consider your machine’s downtime – something that could be having a significant impact on your business.

LiveLink gives you visibility on various aspects of your fleet, including machine health, maintenance alerts, security alerts and many more – so you can keep your machines running at maximum uptime, and always see return on investment. 

It's all about guessing less and knowing more.


For our customers, uptime is their number one priority. So for JCB, your uptime is our priority.

LiveLink connects your machines and over 425,000 like them to our 6 dedicated JCB Uptime Centres around the world.  

Our Uptime Centres work seamlessly with over 775 authorised JCB dealerships around the world, and use LiveLink to enhance the support we offer. From scheduling routine maintenance, to investigating concerns remotely, and proactively alerting before an issue becomes a problem – LiveLink is the foundation for delivering the Industry’s Finest Customer Experience

So, if you have a problem, we’ll probably already know about it.

And together with our dealers, we’ll be working around the clock, to deliver you JCB parts and service, to keep you up and running, wherever you are in the world.

The LiveLink features that maximise your uptime

Like your own personal machine maintenance mechanic, LiveLink includes machine maintenance software that provides proactive maintenance alerts and health monitoring features. With remote diagnostics, any issues can be quickly identified and resolved, so you can always keep moving. JCB Uptime Alerts mean that any machine with a LiveLink contract is eligible for receiving manufacturer-led proactive health alerts, meaning no unplanned downtime.
Receive instant notifications when a service is due so that you can schedule routine maintenance around shifts or work to avoid any downtime. 
Receive real-time alerts to eliminate safety risks and improve security to prevent unnecessary downtime. 
Use LiveLink’s data driven reports to review key operating information such as operating time, idle time, working time and utilisation to ensure your fleet is always optimised. Create custom reports that are delivered straight to your inbox, whenever you need them.
Keep all your machine maintenance records in your LiveLink account so you always have them available.
Use the Operator App to set customised digital prestart machine checks to help improve safety and remotely monitor a machine’s health on a daily basis. Save and manage all information remotely for a quicker, clearer and more accurate way of working.
Quickly raise support cases and get direct contact with JCB technicians, dealers, and onsite engineers. Get live alerts every step of the way to work towards a fast and efficient fix.
Downloading the LiveLink App will ensure you get instant notifications send directly to your iOS or Android device, so that you can get alerts whenever and wherever you are.
Share a particular location with others in seconds. No more struggling with GPS coordinates or lengthy directions over the phone. With LiveLink, you can effortlessly generate a link that provides access to your machine's live location. The ‘Share Live Location’ feature offers flexible link expiry options. You can choose when the link expires, whether it's after 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. This ensures that you have control over who can access the machine's location and for how long.


  • Keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Make sure your machines stay in the best possible health.
  • Remove the need for manual checks – saving you vital resource.
  • Get access to all the documents you need, when you need them.
  • Recieve scheduled reports and real time alerts for a proactive approach.