Military Wheel Loader

JCB backhoe loaders have a high loading capacity, combined with high tearout forces and a variety of loader attachments including sweepers and pallet forks. This makes for a versatile military machine.

JCB can offer either a power-assisted sideshift or centremount on both a 3CX and 4CX. All models are easily transportable by air; externally they can be underslung from a CH47 Chinook or internally, carried inside a C17 aircraft without preparation. The 1CX can also be transported internally in a C130.

Militarisation options for these machines include winterisation and waterproofing packages which allow a machine to start in temperatures down to -40°C . The 3CX and 4CX can wade through up to 1.5m of water. Other optional extras include weapons/bergen storage, 24V electrical systems, inter-vehicle jump start socket and a front mounted winch.  JCB can provide backhoe loaders that are ready to be fitted with ballistic and blast protection.

  • HT (High Torque) loader arm for great visibility and performance
  • Traction control
  • Oscillating rear axle and wet disc brakes
  • 40 kph top speed
  • Huge options list to tailor to specific applications


It’s easy to get to the engine on a new JCB 427 wheel loader with a large automatic opening single-piece bonnet.

The JCB 427 wheel loader’s articulation joint has a heavy-duty box section, a heavy-duty centre pin and oversized bush, as well as twin taper roller bearings on the bottom box joints. This setup can easily tolerate vertical and horizontal loadings. A solid cast rear counterweight protects the rear of your JCB 427 wheel loader – including the rear lights and cooling pack – from damage.

Hoses are neatly routed and clamped through the  This wheel loader has integral steel fluid tanks for the ultimate in leak protection: a far superior solution to the plastic tanks favoured by some competitors.  JCB Smoothride load suspension limits shock loadings and therefore reduces material spillage and structural stress, as well as increasing operator comfort.

The speed of engagement is adjustable from within the cab using the latest state-of-the-art Command Plus controls.


Built on the same DNA as the rest of our New Generation Wheel Loaders, the 437 shares all the features of the above 427 machine.

The Cummins QSB 6.7-litre engine achieves maximum engine power (136Kw) and peak torque (841Nm) at low revs for excellent response. A variable geometry turbo gives increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times and tractive effort.

Engines fitted with a DPF can pose an increased fire risk because extreme heat can be created in regeneration mode. The new 437 doesn’t use DPFs, so this is no cause for concern.


The MTU 6R1000 7.7-litre engine fitted to the new JCB 457 produces 193kW (258hp) of power and 1150Nm of torque (6% more than our outgoing model). What’s more, it produces all of this at low revs for incredibly responsive operation.

Powerful twin variable displacement piston pump hydraulics can circulate a massive 323 l/min for fast cycle times and excellent multifunctioning capability. With maximum breakout forces of 172kN, this wheel loader has the power to carry out extremely arduous loading jobs.

The new 457’s cab is isolator-mounted, compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards, and positively pressurised against dust. You can choose from fresh air, carbon and P3 – HEPA recirculation filters as well.


The JCB 457 HT wheel loader has power and productivity by the bucketload. The 186 kW Cummins engine is mated to a 4-speed ZF fully automatic powershift transmission for stepless gear changes and smooth operation. What’s more, with three axle options, including open differentials, limited slip differentials and automatic locking differentials, a 457 HT will always help you keep a grip on productivity.

At the business end of 457 HT wheel loaders, HT loader geometry is perfect for parallel lift and multi-attachment use, while a revised rear chassis design provides 3.3% extra lift capacity.