The JCB Tandem Roller VMT 860 is a Compactor that packs fuel efficiency, reliability and high compaction forces and low vibrations to the operator.

 This Roller Compactor Machine incorporates the latest technology from Germany and is fully tested to outperform other Compactors, as it is equally functional and superior on soil compactions and construction alike.

With a state-of-the-art JCB engine, Tandem Roller VMT 860 is robust and fuel-efficient too. This zero maintenance JCB Tandem Roller VMT 860 is maintenance-free and comes with an auto dust removal system for air cleaning. Its two rotating operator seats and tiltable steering provides for best-in-class operator comfort.

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JCB Compactor VMT860


To ensure maximum productivity, we’ve designed the VMT 860 road roller with performance to the fore. That’s why it comes equipped with concentric machined drum surfaces, a pressurised filtered water spray system, the largest fuel tanks in the industry, and automatic vibration control with manual override.

  • JCB DIESELMAX power means maximum horsepower and torque at low revs for efficient running and fuel savings.
  • Single-piece circular eccentric shafts for high performance and durability, high vibration frequency for fast rolling speeds.
  • Hydrostatic front and rear drum propulsion makes the VMT860 road roller even more productive.


To keep the VMT 860 road roller productive for longer, we’ve designed it to be easily serviceable and highly durable.

  • Comfortable driver stands with extremely low vibration levels.
  • Front-to-rear frame oscillation for stability, oil splash lubricated vibration bearings, class-leading service access and maintenance-free centre joints.
  • Spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brakes and spring-loaded adjustable vulcolan scrapers on each drum.