4CX Eco

The world's most efficient backhoe across typical duty cycles.

Featuring a powerful 74.2kW DIESELMAX engine, integrated quickhitch with forks and best-in-class visibility.

  • Maximum Operating Weight 8178 kg
  • Maximum Engine Power 74.2kW (92hp)
  • Maximum Digging Depth 4.32 m
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Modelled on car brakes, the JCB 4CX power brakes provide proportional braking throughout the pedal travel for superb control.

  • The power brakes utilise the existing hydraulic supply, reducing operator costs and daily service checks.
  • Other braking improvements to the JCB 4CX include a redesigned and lowered ergonomic pedal position, and full floating discs - this reduces drag, improves fuel economy and increases road speed.


Heavy duty reinforced excavator end with replaceable wear parts on the bucket and dipper to provide protection from abrasive materials such as rock.

  • Steel fenders, bonnets and nose are fitted to enhance protection on the loader end against damage.
  • Purpose designed JCB drivetrain with JCB Dieselmax engine, JCB transmission and JCB axles for optimum productivity and excellent efficiency.
  • Simple gear-pump hydraulic system for reliability and long-term durability.


The JCB 4CX is specially designed to enable fatigue-free, productive day-long working.

  • Ergonomic luxury heated air suspension seat.
  • The cab is rubber-mounted and isolated to ensure low noise and vibration levels.
  • The controls feature an LCD panel detailing machine hours, service information, fuel levels, and system warnings.
  • A 360 degree view through tinted windows aids comfort, productivity and safety.


Narrow-profile boom and dipper are fitted for superb visibility when conducting excavation work.

  • Equal length boom and dipper enables maximum reach and longer trenches without re-positioning the machine.
  • Efficient hydraulic system provides big tearout forces - perfect for hard ground and arduous digging.
  • 4-ram parallel lift loader arms and sloping bonnet line provides great visibility to the front shovel.