Our range of 3DX Sitemaster machines boast a number of brand new features and improvements designed to help you be the master of all jobs, on any worksite.

The 3DX ECO features a high performing 56kW engine and is the ideal site machine, while the 3DX PLUS and 3DX PRO have powerful 68.6kW engines. Whichever model you choose, the world's best-selling excavator loaders are ideal for multiple applications.

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Backhoe 3DX Plus


A comfortable operator is a productive operator, which is why we’ve used ergonomic design to add high comfort levels for a better working environment.

  • Our 3DX cab is large and easy to access, with plenty of room in every operating position.
  • A powerful face fan helps in hot environments, while air conditioning is standard on the 3DX PRO, for the ultimate in operator comfort.
  • Our 3DX PRO has a Smooth Ride System to enhance comfort and improve load retention.
  • Dedicated in-cab storage is both safe and convenient.
  • The EasyShift transmission on our 3DX PRO features an electric, column mounted switch, for effortless gear changing.


With powerful hydraulics, excellent visibility and perfectly matched componentry, the new 3DX machines provide unrivalled productivity, speed and control.

  • The four ram, self-levelling, heavy-duty loader geometry provides greater visibility with superb dump height and long reach for excellent load retention and fast truck loading.
  • A high-performance braking system offers fatigue-free operation and excellent control.
  • The 3DX excavator arm is designed to give ultimate control and productivity.
  • Our 3DX Pro has servo controls as standard, with finger-tip control for reduced operator fatigue.
  • A new, easy to read front display on the 3DX PRO displays the speedometer and gearselection.


The 3DX engine has class-leading torque for improved loading and roading performance, whilst delivering greater fuel efficiency and reduced service costs.

  • The JCB DieselMAX engine provides superb performance with high torque levels for ultimate productivity and efficiency.
  • Our 3DX ECO features an efficient 56kW engine, while the PLUS and PRO models have more powerful 68.6kW engines.
  • Our 3DX PRO features a high flow variable displacement piston pump for fast digging cycles, with flow on demand to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Auto Stop and Auto Idle on our 3DX PRO save on unnecessary wear and tear and also help to use less fuel.


JCB excavator loaders have always led the way in performance and our new 3DX Sitemaster machines are no different, boasting a number of brand new features.

  • Our 3DX ECO has a high performing 4.8L 56kW engine, while the 3DX PLUS and PRO have powerful 4.4L 68.6kW engines with optimal torque.
  • Our 3DX PRO features EasyShift, a new 4-speed transmission featuring a kick down to first gear with the push of a button, for extra power when loading.
  • An efficient, high-pressure hydraulic system provides huge tearout force, to help with hard ground and arduous digging tasks.
  • The loader arms are a heavy-duty D-shaped design, providing formidable shovel breakout force and excellent lift capacity.
  • The 6-in-1 shovel has a hydraulically operated clam, making it a multi-purpose tool that candoze, load, grab, grade, dig and backfill.