The 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader features ranges, selectable at the touch of a button.

  • Excavator joystick controls are fit as standard, for ease-of-use, smooth controllability and improved operator comfort.
  • A fully adjustable air-suspension seat minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Dash-mounted display provides information needed for efficient and productive loading and travel.
  • An in-cab12 V auxiliary circuit powers personal accessories, such as cell phones.


The 3CX Compact delivers high power and torque at low engine speeds –as low as 1,300–1,400 RPM—for fuel efficient matching of engine speed and hydraulics.

  • The JCB Diesel by Kohler 55 kW engine requires no DPF, eliminating the need for costly replacement filters and productivity-sapping regeneration, and reducing downtime. Additionally, the engine requires no DEF, further reducing operating costs and hassle for operators.
  • Industry-leading 500-hour service intervals and simple, ground-level daily checks for maximum uptime.


A spacious cab with excavator controls provides optimum ease of use and controllability.

  • Excavator style controls fitted as standard for ease of use and controllability.
  • SmoothRide System increases operator comfort on and off-road, as well as improving load retention.
  • Plenty of internal/external storage space in the 3CX Compact helps organise the cab environment for improved comfort levels.


The 3CX Compact is a versatile solution for utility companies, landscapers, cemeteries, municipalities and other operators that require the excavating and material handling capabilities of a large machine in a compact size.

  • With an operating weight of just 6,130 kg, 4-wheel steering and rubber tires, the 3CX Compact is also ideal for road repair applications.
  • The 3CX Compact is equipped with a skid steer loader quick-hitch, to engage skid steer attachments for superior versatility and adaptability.
  • For added flexibility, the available hand-held tool circuit can power a wide range of attachments, such as water pumps, disc cutters, augers, handheld breakers and more.