JCB provide a comprehensive range of oils and lubricants suitable for all Off-Highway machinery.

The JCB Lubricants Selector enables you to look up your machine and choose the JCB oil that is suitable for your machine regardless of whether you require an Engine, Hydraulic, Gear or transmission Fluid.

JCB SERVICE 3CX Engine Oil 1050X700


JCB engine oils have been performance tested to ensure they meet or exceed all relevant internationally recognised standards. This means they are able to offer greater protection than lower cost alternatives.

Under low temperature conditions the viscosity level of JCB Engine Oil is significantly higher than lower cost oils providing greater protection. Tests have shown up to 25% more anti-wear additive than lower cost oils to prevent premature wear of key engine components.


Genuine JCB Gear & Transmission Fluids give high level of wear protection and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

The range includes oils for gearboxes, torque converters, axles and oil immersed brakes. JCB Gear & Transmission Oil has been developed and tested to meet or exceed the relevant industry specifications.


All machine hydraulic systems rely on a complex system of high precision components, which must be lubricated to the highest standard. Choosing the best hydraulic oil is vitally important therefore, to ensure continued efficiency and reliability of the system.

JCB Hydraulic Oil is formulated to provide up to 35% greater anti-wear protection of key hydraulic components than lower cost oils. JCB Hydraulic Oil is up to 30 times cleaner than lower cost alternatives, preventing potential abrasive and harmful particles.