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JCB AdBlue 457 HR 1280X1619


JCB high performance Antifreeze and coolant is essential for protecting off-highway diesel engine machines.

Because these engines run at a higher temperature than in standard automotive applications, standard antifreeze coolant will not give adequate protection. JCB HP Antifreeze protects your JCB machine for up to 3 years or 2,000 hours guaranteed.  It is available in 50/50 and concentrate versions.


JCB AdBlue is a high-quality urea solution that is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems (SCR) to reduce harmful exhaust emissions in diesel engines.

It will become used more regularly as emission regulations become more stringent. Clear, non-toxic and safe to handle and available in a range of sizes from 20 to 1,000 litres. JCB AdBlue can be stored for up to 18 months away from direct sunlight. JCB also offers a full range of pumps and dispensers to suit your individual needs. Please contact your local JCB Dealer for further information.


JCB supply a vast array of Adhesives, Sealants and Threadlockers that are compatible with materials such as metal, plastic, rubbers, composites, wood and many more.

JCB Threadlockers are offered in various strengths and are easy to apply to a wide variety of fastener sizes to help prevent rust & vibration and to assist with assembly, reducing the risks of cross-threading.

JCB Sealants provide a versatile and convenient solution for replacing gaskets and assembling parts where vibration is normally an issue or tight tolerances are desired but not delivered.  The ability to re-use parts, bond dissimilar materials and distribute stress better is a real advantage with JCB's range of retaining and liquid sealants.