Do More For Less

Increasing productivity and cutting costs is important on all sites, as is reducing your machine transport costs.

Having one machine which can do the work of a wheel loader, and excavator with the ability to lift and move material, means you can save costs by reducing the number of machines on site, which also saves fuel and cuts emissions.

That's one machine with outstanding capability for moving materials and doing more, in less time, with less cost.

BHL 3CX P992 Shoot - Dubai

For example, you can...

Level and grade material faster

A 3CX can level and grade material faster than a 13-tonne tracked excavator, saving time, money, fuel and emissions... How is that possible?

  • The JCB Backhoe Loader has substantial tractive effort; it's capable of pushing up to 8 tonnes.
  • It's 2.3m wide shovel moves a wide area of material with ease.
  • A Backhoe Loader can move far quicker than an excavator can track.
  • The shovel is equally as productive when grading backwards as it is pushing forward, so productivity is maintained in both directions.
  • The 6-in-1 shovel can grab material easily and move it quickly.

Move materials quicker

The 3CX's loading shovel capability provides high capacity digging. It can carry up to 2 tonnes in the shovel and quickly move material around site, avoiding the need for an excavator and lorry to load and carry material. How is that possible?

  • The JCB Backhoe Loader has a very large shovel, equivalent to five midi excavator buckets and therefore saves time loading.
  • A JCB Backhoe Loader's Smooth Ride System cushions the loader arms when moving materials around site to avoid any spillage.
  • Its long loader arms provide excellent forward reach, to place materials over obstacles or away from the edges of trenches for safe tipping.

Load a lorry in less than 5 minutes

A JCB Backhoe Loader can load a whole 20 tonnes of materials into a lorry in under 5 minutes. How is that possible?

  • The 3CX has a large capacity shovel which can move over 2 tonnes of material in one dig cycle.
  • Opening the clam or 6-in-1 shovel at the same time as dumping the shovel, ejects material faster.
  • Massive shovel breakout forces of over 6 tonne, coupled with high hydraulic flow and significant engine torque, give quick transmission reversal speed and loader lift speeds for fast cycle times. 
  • Return to Dig feature automatically resets the shovel to a level position at the ground quickly and easily.
  • Kickdown feature on transmission, boosts tractive effort whilst maintaining faster reverse speed.

Drive to site with no transportation costs

How is that possible?

  • The 3CX PLUS and PRO can drive up to 40 kilometers in just one hour, saving you time and money.
  • The 3CX PLUS and PRO can travel at up to 40kph for fast travel both on the road and off-road.
  • All 3CX models now have the Easyshift transmission as standard, saving effort.
  • Tracked excavators have to rely on transportation which is expensive and causes delays to moving machines.

Excavate up to 150 tonnes per hour

That's equivalent to 9 lorries an hour. How is that possible?

  • A JCB Backhoe Loader has a high-performance excavator with the capability to attach large capacity buckets for bulk digging.
  • The 3CX has exceptional dig depth, to almost 6m for deep trenches.
  • An extending dipper for exceptional reach to over 6m, provides the ability to work over trenches, walls and landscaped areas.

Versatility made easy

Increased productivity

Achieve high impact and fast breaking using the dipper mounted hammer and then use the loader end to move the material and load, all without needing to remove the breaker. The JCB Backhoe Loader's multifunctional capability increases productivity and removes the need for additional machines.

Unrivalled versatility

A wide range of low flow, high flow and double acting attachments such as sweeper collectors, compaction plates and earth drills can be fitted to the loader and excavator auxiliary hydraulics, offering unrivalled versatility on site.