Achieve the desired compaction with JCB116.

The JCB116 is a single drum soil compactor that offers superior productivity and leads the industry in output with the best compaction per pass. With roads being the lifeline of the country and its impact on facets that enrich and enhance livelihoods, the JCB116 soil compactor is just what you need to bridge the distance to greater prosperity. With the Compaction Monitoring System, the single drum roller machine has been introduced to strengthen the roadways industry.

Recognising the necessity to drive optimum efficiency for achieving the desired output, JCB Compaction Coach works in coherence with LiveLink to relay real-time data, enabling the compaction value live in the cabin, avoiding re-work and saving time. With real time accuracy and over-compaction alerts, this vibratory roller optimises the number of passes and enables you to monitor operator’s performance and achieve high productivity.

Backed by JCB premier line solutions, lifetime lubricated central joint, higher centrifugal force of 256 KN and advanced telematics technology; JCB116 is one of India’s most in-demand soil compactors.    

  • Advanced Features – IntelliCompaction & LiveLink
  • Less Maintenance Cost
  • More Compaction Per Pass
  • JCB Premier Line Solutions
  • Best-In-Class Operator Comfort


Operating Weight
11250 kg
Engine Power
100 hp
Drum Width
2100 mm

ADVANCED FEATURES – IntelliCompaction & LiveLink


JCB is the first in the industry to provide the IntelliCompaction, which has been designed and developed in India. It has a display for showing the relative compaction value, a warning lamp for jump operation and a display for vibratory frequency. IntelliCompaction lets you know about the hard and soft spots, over compaction alerts, surface condition, exact number of passes required for correct density and more. It enables you to

  • Have a better process control
  • Save time and fuel
  • Stay connected 24X7 on mobile through LiveLink, anytime, anywhere.


Advanced Telematics Technology - LiveLink

LiveLink helps you to maintain the health of your machine and manage your fleet better by alerting you of any variation in health indicators. It lets you know in real time if your machine is facing a problem or needs a quick check-up.


It provides service reminders, machine data backup & critical machine health alerts.


Machine Utilisation Report - It maintains the machine’s usage record and helps you analyse & optimize the utilisation of the machine.

Fuel Level Information - It also reports any sudden decrement in the fuel level.

Engine Status - It informs you if your JCB machine’s engine is switched on or off.


It also maintains GPS tracking, operating hours & geo-fencing data.

Ease Of Serviceability

JCB116 is designed for ease of servicing. All the daily checks can be done from ground level on one side. It has a wide opening rear bonnet which gives fast access to the engine compartment and provides 100% access to all hydraulic and engine components.

JCB Premier Line Solutions

JCB Premier Line Solutions are a set of new and innovative support solutions designed to give maximum value to JCB’s privileged customers. It is a comprehensive range of customised support packages, innovatively designed to offer real time and proactive product support solutions. These are exclusive offerings and are available to only a privileged few.

An industry first, JCB provides 2 Years/2,000 hours as standard warranty, whichever is earlier.

Product support - It offers on-site product support* through the placement of site engineers and skilled road service experts to the customers who have a fleet of these machines.

JCB has the widest dealer network of over 650 outlets, so however remote your road site is, JCB will always be nearby to support your team.

*Terms & conditions apply.

Less Maintenance Cost

The JCB116 is a Zero Maintenance Rollerthat comes equipped with a lifetime lubricated central joint.

It has a lower cost of consumption for consumables like filters and oils. It also boasts of extended service intervals of 500 hours.

Terms & conditions apply.

More Compaction Per Pass

The JCB116 is designed to provide ultimate productivity. Equipped with proven German vibration technology, the JCB116 guarantees desired compaction density in a minimum number of passes.

The JCB116 comes with a 28 mm thick solid drum and a 10 mm stiffening ring to make it 38 mm from outside. Its higher centrifugal force of 256 KN, static linear load of 30.24 kg/sq cm and the high amplitude of 1.8 mm leads to better compaction.

JCB provides a single-piece solid steel eccentric shaft for standard dual amplitude and dual frequencies. Equipped with the JCB ecoMax engine, the JCB116 is up to 6%* more fuel-efficient.


* Terms & conditions apply.